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Casual Dining

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Very bad service especially the hostess

Come at 9 pm on Saturday with total of 8 peoples, plan to take a long drink and eat here. The table lot of empty but said all reserve by the hostess who set the table, but it is said if there is an empty directly given, okay we wait and be given a table at the bar, I ordered pitcher beer while waiting, but 40 minutes do not get a table , finally because of hunger we order foods, first salmon with side fries and beef platter, after waiting +/- 30 minutes the food came, and the haven't got a table, finally forced to eat at the bar table used to be small, which is badly given only small plate with a fork 1 and a knife 1, but we are 8 and it's a menu for sharing. I asked for a more plates and cutleries, was given only 4 plates by the waiter, worse still not given a knife fork! My friend ate using his hand because he was hungry, I had to ask the barman for a knife fork, eating is difficult and have to stand up because the table is high and the table is narrow, and I see there is actually a empty table with fit enough for 6 people but the waiter said it was a reservation, but on the table there is no reserve writing, and they given to only two people, I have started to lose patience and finally I am very upset, because there is a group people table behind me ask to move the table, and the previous table empty and preceded for other people who was waiting in the bar too! I can not stand I finally asked the reception hostess again, I asked why they were given first? She said it as usual already reservation from the afternoon she say it, reservation but they were waiting at the bar? It should be the first person who comes first and they let for the group who came late than ours ! Please why dont they make an effort to priority who have already order foods and drinks to eat at the table ? Why just she just said there is no table or waiting is just take to long. The hostess so unprofessional and her high tone that make me mad, after im complaining, not long just 2 minutes straight away the waiter approached me just give us the table, my friend and me already in a bad mood and finally directly pay and leave. The ambience good, design is cozy, foods taste good, but their service sucks! Especially the hostess, is it because of our looks casually ? They priority people with fancy dresses i think. BAD SERVICE

31 Mar 2018

Gladys S


Helpful Staff

Finally had chance to visit this place again. They served very good food. The service was great and on point. The food was good and the ambience was also good. Will definitely go again.

26 Mar 2018



Bad bad services

Bad pork chops bad service been asking almost 10 minutes for the order none of them coming to my table, and the manager came to our table and said he’s not allowed my gift to bring to the table and he thought the go. I have are opened and I drink it inside without checking first it was a gift and still sealed and he didn’t even check the bill we have before asking. Such a bad experience for the price of services they charge for ;)

11 Feb 2018

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