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Blue Grass Bar and Grill

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Rasuna Said
Buka Sekarang8.00 - 2.00 (Min)

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Casual Dining

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Doing Laps one Pint at a time

I discovered the Blue Grass Bar and Grill last Friday evening while exploring the neighborhood around the new Westin Hotel in Kuningan, Jakarta. I was attracted to it as I approached by wide outdoor timbered covered terrace with a barbeque grill in one end. Upon entering my attention turned to a contemporary stone faced bar with a stainless steel countertop. It took me several minutes to realize that what I thought was the reflection of customers at the bar was in fact the opposite side of the bar. Being the adventure I am, I set out on a lap of the bar. 22 meters later, I had to stop for refreshments and my first pint of beer. The interior is combination of contemporary wood panels, stainless steel, with an expansive open faced kitchen. I took a table after another lap of the bar and was immediately handed a menu by a young waiter. Already seeing the barbeque grill as I entered, I was not surprised to see an array of barbequed selections ranging from single malt baby backed ribs, beef and pork platters, grilled pork chops, crispy pork shank, grilled lamb chops and a selection of beef steak cut. I started with a Margarita Grilled Prawns appetizer with tequila marinated grilled prawns, avocado, and a pineapple salsa. I was discreetly licking my finger before I finished my appetizer. I passed on the barbeque selection and tried the roasted boneless crispy pork shank with garlic buttered rice and roasted vegetables. This required another pint of beer to give me the endurance to consume the generous portions. I’m stared just recounting the meal. They had a live band start at around 9:00pm at which time I seeked refugee back at the bar. I leaned in conversation with one of the waiters that this is the longest bar in Jakarta. I was on a first name basis with Agus, my bar tender by my next pint of beer. Agus tried to bring me across to the vanguard of the youth of scaled youth of Jakarta by telling me their specialty was contemporary and classic cocktails. I took on more lap of the bar to demonstrate my strength to Agus before departing. I discovered they have a pastry and coffee counter as I made my way onto the street. I plan to return before the end of the month.

09 Mar 2018

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Blue Grass Bar and Grill

Jl, HR Rasuna Said Bakrie Tower, Kawasan Rasuna, Epcientrum, Jakarta 12940 Indonesia