Bit Bali Ratu

Bit Bali Ratu

Buka Sekarang9.00 - 2.00 (Sab)

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Casual Dining

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Worst experience of my life

The drinks were served to us with no alcohol in them so we asked for our bill to take this into consideration. This resulted in 7 members of staff locking us in the back of the building, surrounding us, slamming Poole ques on the ground and threatening us with knives. I have never been so terrified. We then payed them the money and they escorted us out by kicking us in the back. DO NOT GO HERE. THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

20 Dec 2017

Khanh N



I went there with a friend of mine. He ordered the spicy "crab" and I had the beef bowl. I've had bad food before, but this one takes the cake. My beef was so overcooked that you could use it to change your tire. The first thing I thought was that they gave me leftovers which they reheated. That's what it tasted like. Price was 90k which is a ripoff as well. My buddy's dish was even more infuriating. They served him a crab with its head already cleaned. You could have taken the top off and use it as a souvenir. There was barely any meat inside the crab. 120k for a shell. I was speechless as this was the ultimate ripoff I've ever encountered. Please don't visit this place if you have any respect for yourself.

29 Sep 2017

John K


Très bon restaurant

Comme dit dans le titre, le restaurant est très bon. Les prix sont un peu élevés (prix aux alentours des 90000rp) comparés aux Warung, mais ce restaurant propose des plats de qualités. La viande est de bonne qualité, et est très bonne. L'ambiance est un peu calme, dû à l'absence de personnes sur place, mais le personnel est très sympathique. Je conseil ce restaurant!

12 Aug 2017

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Bit Bali Ratu

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