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Beer Garden - Radio Dalam

4 / 5(2)
Tutup18.00 - 2.00 (Jum)

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Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Camilan, Barat, Wings, Steak, Fish and Chips, Bir
Tipe Restoran
Bar & Lounge, Jajanan

Info Tambahan

  • Smoking
  • WiFi
  • Parkir
  • Valet
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

Ulasan Tentang Beer Garden - Radio Dalam

Eva B


Poor Service

The place is nice; open air and the bar. The food quality was average, nothing really wow. The service was really bad, we were 7 people, foods arrived for 5 people and 2 others waited until they almost finish their food, they also forgot one of our drinks; this happened when the place was not even crowded. Need to improve!

30 Dec 2017



Nice Trendy Bar in a Neighbourhood not known for such Bars

Google maps showed a Beer Garden further down Radio Dalam and close by where we were, so we set off on foot. Being married to a bule my wife is happy to indulge me in walking for around 1 km, but any further and her Indonesian instincts kick in. So we got a taxi with me protesting that it was just around the next corner, of course it wasn't and it was the Beer Garden at the top end of Radio Dalam, which we both knew was there. The bar is above its car park and the taxi dropped us off in a less inviting aspect of the bar. But once we walked up the ramps (I have stated that the bar is wheelchair friendly, but it would be a haul up the ramps in a wheelchair) we found a wonderful post-industrial bar. You have to spend Rp.500.000 for a good seat, but in south Jakarta that's not a lot for 2 meals and drinks. The sides of the bar are open to the air, meaning that there's a nice cool breeze, but my wife got bitten by ants in the potted plants behind our Rp.500.000 seat. I found that staff to be reasonably attentive and good, but as with all Jakarta restaurants with a young trendy staff, they are more preoccupied with whatever young people are preoccupied than providing you with service. Of course it is even worse for bules as they attempt to hide their lack of English and respond to me via my wife, but once I started speaking in Bahasa the ice is broken. The menu was similar to any trendy bar in south Jakarta, but nonetheless somewhat appealing. My wife ordered tenderloin and I ordered a burger, which I was really looking forward too having been on puasa for the last 24 hours and puasa sayuran for sometime. The waiter attempted to upsell, good training, but I find it a pain, not least as Jakarta's youth never seem to be very genuine in their recommendations. My burger was brilliant, with melted cheese (of course not very good cheese, this is Indonesia after all) a fried egg, great relish and came served with onion rings, guacamole salad and tortilla chips. I really wanted chips (french fries), but for some reason I was feeling charitable and it didn't seem to matter. My wife's steak seemed good for Indonesia, but of course, she wanted it well done, so impossible to tell. Being called a beer garden one would expect a wide variety of tempting beers. But all they had were expensive imported bottles of nothing very interesting, in fact, the sort of selection one finds at an international airport. Of course being a grumpy old Brit I am hard to please and would only eulogise if they had Thronbridge Jaipur, or Millstone True Grit on draught. Mercifully they had draught Heineken (yuk) and Bintang served in huge glasses for Rp.100.000. I paid around Rp.750.000 for lots of beer and two meals, so ok for south Jakarta, but the price of a small house in Gunung Kidul. The dj played an eclectic mix of great tunes and some of the worst music I have ever heard in my life. When the band came on their selection was similar and a little too rock orientated for somebody that misspent their youth at Wigan Casino. Nevertheless, I was in a great mood, the TV was on and I watched Huddersfield make Utd look amateur, strangely the young staff seemed to appreciate this result (are things really changing in Jakarta, certainly the Utd bar has long since closed). On my phone (the free wifi is very patchy and requires a long winded logon, but for some reason Indosat is poor in this corner of Jakarta) I followed City overcome a spirited Burnley to go 5 points clear of our silent neighbours. Warning to fellow bules (if there are any left in Jakarta), you will be on your own here. For me this is simply perfect, as I have no desire to listen to ex-pats complaining about everything in Indonesia, although my extremely young looking wife prefers an older crowd. Nevertheless, we will definitely return.

22 Oct 2017

Anissa Seruni A


Poor Service

Went here last night with my friends to go see a dj. As we got there, we were on no. 21 on their waiting list, which was fine as we thought we could wait in the bar (like we usually do in other places). The hosts told us it is possible to do that, however you cannot have an open tab - which was, again, fine with us. However, things go south as we enjoyed our drinks by the bar when we were approached by one of the waitress that told us we are blocking the flow from the kitchen (which we def WEREN'T!). Then, she managed to say that as we haven't got any table we should wait downstairs (at the parking lot). Umm... Idk man but I've never got treated like that in any other places esp if I already bought a drink (which I was still drinking). So yeah bit pissed about that. Secondly, we noticed that as we waited for our table (for more than 45 mins) that there were several tables that are available. Maybe next time you're doing pre-booked, you should mention to the customers that the table will be available x-z minutes from the preference hour of the booking? Overall, I will definitely not going to come back to Beer Garden Radio Dalam. Drinks are quite cheap, though you can find it at other places as well.

08 Oct 2017

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