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Becik Resto & Bar Seminyak

Becik Resto & Bar Seminyak

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Don’t eat here

We noticed this place during a daytime outing near our hotel and thought we might try it for dinner. Big mistake! Hubby ordered the crispy skin duck. The dish that was served was a burnt offering of duck bones. One of the side dishes came with an appetite suppressing hair in it. Disgusting an inedible. I ordered the combination satay. Tiny morsels of unidentifiable meat so over cooked it was nearly impossible to remove them from the skewers. The sauce was cloyingly sweet with no hint of satay. The rice was dry and crispy. Both dishes were inedible. Left and went down the road to the Lucky Day Bar. What a contrast. Ordered a pizza that was delicious. The place was full, atmosphere and service were great. Lesson learned if a restaurant is empty you should walk on by.

24 Nov 2018



Not good

Staff great but seriously... they need to get a new chef... the position is good .. around a few resorts .. but the food was horrid. I ordered the seafood bbq ... not sure what one of the items was on my plate but I couldn’t get the knife through it. As they say ... go somewhere else.

21 Oct 2018



Not fresh seafood !

Becik has many tanks out the front full of fish and prawns but these do not end up in your meal they must be just for show. We both ordered a prawn dish and sadly the prawns seemed to be frozen as they had no taste and were quite tough. Neither of our meals fitted the descriptions on the menu, this does happen in Bali and you can’t rely on the photos either but at least you usually get something delicious and you don’t mind. Our meals were terrible, we left most of it. The two drinks we ordered had either no alcohol or very very little in them. The worst part is the price is not cheap ! Felt decidedly ripped off for this inedible meal. Plus the service wasn’t even good so can’t even give them that. Don’t waste your money, plenty of other places to eat in This area.

24 Sep 2018

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Becik Resto & Bar Seminyak

Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak Indonesia