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Expensive martabak

If you want to taste different of martabak, you should came to the bazinga. Located in tebet barat dalam (near pasar tebet). With many flavor for sweet martabak, it make the martabak different from other martabak but you must prepare extra money (may be it's abnormal for many people). With high qualiy brand toping make the price expensive with good taste. You can dinne in or take away but you also must prepare exrra time if have long queing.

09 Aug 2015



Touch My Heart !!!

Even i may say that their martabak is quiet pricy than other conventional martabak. I just wanna say, if you are sweeet martabak lovers, please, i beg you to taste this. I remember when i addicted to kit kat green tea and they also had a similar menu using kit kat. That was the first time i can eat a whole martabak myself. Sorry this is just for me. Good Innovation Bazinga !!!!

09 Apr 2015



Deliciously spicyyy with a sweet ending..

Bazinga , bazinga, bazinga.... how I have missed you!! The menu is pretty simple... have the noodles and the martabak!! I had level 2 but went on to try level 5 as well. If you are adventurous and love spice definitely go for this.. it is quite a challenge. The chicken martabak was soft and nice with a unique dipping sauce. I just couldn't stop eating!! I was so stuffed but I did not want to miss out on the mouth watering martabak manis. Being a chocolate fan, I had the ovalmaltine martabak...but what blew me away was the matcha martabak! I am not a fan of matcha but this took me to another planet!! It overtook my favourite ovalmaltine!! Let me not forget the warm owners and staff that run this unique warung in a container. We sat above as the food was being prepared below. Totally loved the experience! I am so glad I got the opportunity to savour your food Bazinga. My cravings continue and I salivate as I write this...I hope to see you real soon! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.:)

08 Jan 2015

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Jln. Tebet Barat No. 57 (5m From Pasar Tebet Barat), Jakarta 12810 Indonesia