Bayang Cafe
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Bayang Cafe

Buka Sekarang8.00 - 23.00 (Sab)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 300.000/orang
Asia, Seafood
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Love it

Having dinner while enjoying sunset, view of take off and landing airplanes, local fisherman with their boat, really amazing. Food taste great, plus aroma of coconut husk gril, and friendly staff, recommended.

23 Feb 2018

Claudio D


The Real Tradition

Very nice restauro the beach, in the Traditional area of jimbaran where to eat fish and seafood in the beach. We ordered Prawn, Claims and Fish, and everything was very delicious. The staff very friendly and I advise to come here to anybody want to have the Classic dinner in the beach of jimbaran :-)

26 Jan 2018

승희 신


절대 가지 마세요!!! 불친절합니다. Never go.!! Worst!!! 메뉴판이 2개 있고 2개의 가격이 다릅니다.

말 그대로 메뉴판이 2개 입니다. 사람 봐가면서 테이블 위에 올려져있는 메뉴판과 다른 메뉴판을 줍니다. 정말 최악이었어요. 2인 기준 350000rp인 것이 정상적인 메뉴판입니다. 제가 받은 메뉴판은 2인 기준 450000rp~500000rp였던 것으로 기억합니다. 또, 우리가 Family 세트를 주문해서 확실히 기억합니다. 원래 1,300,000rp인 메뉴가 우리 메뉴판이는 1,550,000rp로 표기 되어 있었습니다. 여기 절대 가지 마세요. 만약 가신다면, 여러분이 받은 메뉴판이 정상적인 메뉴판인지 꼭 확인하세요. 특히 한국분들 조심하세요. 저희만 당한 게 아니라 구글에도 똑같은 후기가 있습니다. There are two menu. Deceive guests. They give the menu which is on the table different from the menu plate. It was really bad. The normal menu is 350000rp for 2 people. I remember that the menu I received was 450000rp ~ 500000rp for 2 people. Also, we definitely order Family sets and remember them. The original menu was 1,300,000rp and our menu version was 1,550,000rp. Do not go here. If you are going, make sure that the menu you received is a normal menu.

10 Jan 2018

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Bayang Cafe

Jl. Pemelisan Agung Pantai Jimbaran, Jimbaran 80361 Indonesia