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Bali Yoga Restaurant

Bali Yoga Restaurant


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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Casual Dining

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Hidden gem off the main strip

This little restaurant is tucked away down a lane that leads to several hotels and homestays, so if you aren't staying there, chances are that you won't come across it. It's the next road along from Ubud palace. It is worth the very short walk, however. The prices are half what you would pay just two minutes away on the main road and the food is great quality. If you're looking for a light, delicious meal near Ubud palace, I'd recommend this place. I ordered the vegetable soup, which had a taste that reminded me of Japanese food. It was very light, fragrant and tasty. My daughter ordered a roast beef sandwich on ciabatta which came with a gorgeous pickle dressing. I suppose portions aren't especially huge but we usually don't eat very large meals in hot countries anyway. We didn't think they were noticeably small as other reviews have suggested. They were no smaller than anywhere else we ate in Bali. They were perfect for us and if you're concerned about that, it's cheap enough and there are enough delicious meals to try that you could order several different ones and share it, tapas style. The staff are very welcoming and it's a nice, cool area to sit in with beautiful statues and lots of greenery right next door. Our only regret is that we didn't have longer in Ubud to try more from the menu! TIP; Bit of a random tip, but if you do head up this particular lane from Ubud Palace and the main strip to eat at Bali Yoga Restaurant... Before or after you have eaten there, continue walking right up the lane. All the way up, round the twisting, winding lane (it's no more than 10 minutes) and you'll be in some very quiet rice paddies. Its a gorgeous stroll through them, and so different from the busy street you have just left behind.

05 Dec 2018



Hidden Gem

Nice place, with tasty and cheep food. We had some Indonesian food but you can also get a few European dishes.

24 Jul 2018



Don't expect much

We went past bali yoga before and it was so busy, we couldn't even get a seat. The next day we tried again and ordered chinese spring rolls and the greek salad. After one and a half hours we asked for our food. 15 min later we recieved tiny dishes. The salad was missing the bread and the rolls were just filled with carrots and cabbage, no meat, so we didnt even got what we ordered from the menu. No taste... When i mentioned this, the staff didnt really care. Also service was super slow and they didnt even wrote a bill.. On the other hand the atmosphere is nice. Juices were good and wifi Worked.. dont go there to eat or dont expect much and bring a lot of patience. I hope they just had a bad day.

24 Jul 2018

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Bali Yoga Restaurant

9, Jalan Kajeng, Ubud Indonesia