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Bakmi Lamlo

4 / 5(3)
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
Tutup7.00 - 14.00 (Sel)

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Casual Dining

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One of my favorite Bakmi in town

Tastes are very good. They make the noodles themselves. They also have kwetiaw and bihun. Ingredients smell good. The price quite expensive. They used to have corn milk, i love it.

02 Mar 2017

Jeany L


The Ultimate Breakfast

One of the most popular bakmi in PIK and most people have it for breakfast. The egg goes so well with the noodle and meat. Don't forget to request for extra pork fat (sam chan). ALWAYS get their home-made drink to go with your bakmi. They served fresh herbal tea (Liang teh), soy milk and chrysantimum tea.

17 Nov 2016

Chandra W


Good Siantar Noodle in Jakarta

You just can’t deny the power of Instagram nowadays. I notice the presence of this noodle in Instagram posted by one of food blogger colleague. What makes me more curious to try was another posting by my cousin in law, also in Instagram, saying that this noodle is her new favorite and she has it every week. First impression looking at the posted picture was this is Siantar Curly Noodle or Bakmi Kriting Siantar. I got it right when I visit this place last week that the noodle is particularly Medan specific noodle. I visit their main branch at Fresh Market PIK. They have other branch at Muara Karang. They only serve 3 kinds of dishes: noodle, beehoon, and kwetiaw. Each has 2 varieties: Biasa (Original) and Komplit (Complete). To satisfy my curiosity I order the complete noodle instead of the original one. The complete noodle consist of two pieces of pork meatball, two pieces of shrimp & pork swekiaw and one piece of hard boiled duck egg (Yes you heard me right, it’s duck egg, not chicken) cut into two. And then topped with diced chicken, minced pork, spring onions and crispy fried shallots. The pork meatball and the swekiaw was the difference with the original one which doesn’t have these two side dishes. When the dish was served in front of me, I directly know it will cost me much money just looking at the quality of the ingredients and its quantity. The pork meatball was having more meat than gluten. The swekiaw contains generous shrimp. And the other topping was also very generous in amount. Also not to forget the use of duck egg instead of chicken egg. I was not wrong, it cost me IDR 50K per bowl. Oh my, this was the most expensive non mall/café noodle that I ever had. But it was logical considering the above ingredients that I mentioned. Maybe it will be much cheaper if you just order the original one. Taste wise, all I can say is the taste was a combination of the usual Siantar Curly Noodle that we usually have, and Bakmi Khek. For those who don’t know, Bakmi Khek is also one of the Medan noodles which located in Muara Karang in front of Sun Merry Bakery. The unique taste made it very delicious to my liking, maybe because this is something new for me. For the drink, I recommend Badak. This is sarsaparilla cola from Siantar. Other Medan restaurants usually serve this drink as well to their customers and becoming their unique identity. This cola was made by a heritage cola company in Siantar. It taste very refreshing. Badak will cost you IDR 10K per bottle. If you ask will I be back, will be back someday to have this noodle again.

15 Feb 2016

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Bakmi Lamlo

29-30, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta Fresh Market PIK, Jakarta 14470 Indonesia