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Bread with a hole is NOT A BAGEL!

I was so excited when I came upon this stall in Plaza Senayan. Having lived in NYC and the Northeast for 17 years, I know what a real New York style bagel is supposed to taste like. This is NOTHING like it. Basically, this company has made buns with holes in the middle and toppings. Yes, they have a lot of flavors but those flavors taste nothing like they should. And don't get me started on the cream cheese! First of all, they call it a 'schmear'. I don't think they know that 'schmear' and 'smear' are not the same as the spread portions are tiny. However, after I tasted it, I was glad. It is awful! I'm not sure what type or brand of cream cheese they are using but it has a medicinal taste to it that is just plain gross. I can see why people might say this place is good if they are getting a sandwich and have never had a REAL bagel. To sum it up, don't waste your money on anything from Bagel Bagel. They so-called bagels are not bagels. They are not even good bread. By the way, I tried the

09 Feb 2017



It was good

Someone ordered me food from Bagel Bagel but it wasn't what I wanted and that's the person's fault, not the restaurant. It was decent food but I'd be willing to try it again, this time I'll order what I want.

04 Nov 2015



Bagels and bagelsss

Claim to serve NY-taste bagels, I have not been to NY but I can say these bagels are very good! Basically you pick your own bagels. They provide various kind of bagels, you can choose wide selection: plain, whole-wheat, and assorted seeds. And after you can choose the fillings, it can be sweet or savoury. Nice indoor settings, I love the walls with posters about history of bagels.

16 Nov 2014

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Bagel Bagel - Kemang