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Babi Guling Payangan Bu Ari

Babi Guling Payangan Bu Ari


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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Marco U


Food is ok, but...

Food is ok, but no prices in the menu, so they over charge foreigners. For less money you can eat much better dishes in almost any warung (local restaurant).

30 Oct 2018



A letdown

Ibu is very stingy with her babi guling now. She's made everything extra salty and gives you a miserly portion of meat for 15k. She even has the galls to throw in pork bones. Never going back again. What a shame, the blood sausage was divine.

29 Jul 2018



Embracing Balinese local food

I don't understand why they say it's only for local taste because if you really want to experience Bali to the fullest, you would appreciate Warung Babi Guling Bu Ari's dishes. There are far too many Westernised "local" foods in Ubud and so as a foodie like me, Bu Ari is the best place to get your Balinese local food fix. I advise going here for lunch as that's when they have the suckling pig hot and ready. The restaurant is open and you will get to dine with many other locals. The dish comes with very spicy sambal and lawar, along with blood sausage, chicharron and vegetables. There's also a beverage area where they make iced drinks for you as you eat. I recommend getting the Es Mango and Papaya milk to beat the spice of the Babi Guling. Overall, we kept coming back to Bu Ari because we just couldn't get enough of their Babi Guling. Ditch the familiar Western foods and visit Bu Ari if you really want a taste of Balinese cuisine.

27 Jul 2018

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Babi Guling Payangan Bu Ari

Jl. Raya Andong, Ubud Indonesia