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Aperitivo Ristorante E Lounge

Aperitivo Ristorante E Lounge

Tutup00.00 - 00.00 (Sel)

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Casual Dining

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Lazagnanya mantap, spagethinya juga

Harganya mahal-mahal betulan, tapi rasanya enak, terutama saya paling suka spagethi bolognaise dan lazagnanya. enak dan mahal..

23 Aug 2016

Tony T


good Italian cuisine

The place is cosy, a good choice of wine, reasonably priced . The food is good and worth to try. Best time would be during the week - dinner.

30 Dec 2013



Fitting for serious dinner and evening talks

I went here in a large group with my work colleagues. Most of us have never heard of the place before, and since it is located in an office building in Kuningan, it is relatively easy to miss. Most of us were surprised at how tasty the menus are. The pasta were properly served, and you can really feel the meat & seafood in them; something that is quite rare in other restaurants where the ingredients are buried beneath an overdose of creams & seasoning. The lighting of the place is nicely done, dimly lit and providing a very cozy and calming nuance about the place. The layout of the place; the placement of the bar, tables, and stage, are all well-done, which gives a high value feeling as well. In that particular visit, the place has a very nice reggae band performing. I usually dislike live bands during dinner because they disturb the calmness I look for, but not this time. It was a great choice from the restaurant for inviting that band. I noticed there were practically nobody else eating besides my group, which could be a sign that nobody knows of the place save for the people that work in that building. That is quite a shame, remembering at how great the place is in terms of food and atmosphere.

12 Aug 2013

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Aperitivo Ristorante E Lounge

Kav. 10-11 Jl. Rasuna Said Atrium Mulia, Ground Floor, Jakarta 12190 Indonesia