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Angkringan Lik Man


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Kaki Lima
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Delicious street food "angkringan"

This "angkringan" located near of Tugu's station. At first, I don't have high expectation for the foods but turned out it's pretty good in tastes. We've tried the signatured drink "kopi joss"( black coffee with a chunk of charcoal) and I loved their hot lime because their served with slices of lime in the glass.

29 Apr 2018



Cheap & delicious local food street

Angkringan means a small food stall sell cheap snacks and beverage. It considered as "local" place to hang out. It's nit fancy term of a drink and meal in a restaurant. It's side-of-the-road food stall. This Angkringan Lik Man is located in the north of Malioboro and Yogyakarta train station. There are many angkringan here. But I always go for angkringan lik man, I go there several times and in my opinion it's the most famous and "best" for the beverages. Apart from street food's cleanliness, I think this place is still okay to try. What I mean is that although it's located beside the street, my stomach is still fine after eat it. The food is complete and reasonable ( although it's a bit expensive than common angkringan in other place / not in touristic area). I ranked them 7/10. The beverage is my favorite. I liker their Teh Tubruk (hot tea with lumb / rock sugar), Susu Jahe (hit ginger drink with condense milk and sugar ). I'm not a fan of Kopi Joss / coffee with red hot piece of charcoal which is the specialty in this area. Charcoal itself is known as a thing with some health benefits, but I don't think that we will get the same advantages from this smoky charcoal in coffee. For the price , it's reasonable, for 2 persons we normally only spend 30K IDR for 2 drinks and some snacks. This place opens at 5 PM until midnight. As late as the night, it will be crowded by local and foreigner tourists who are curious to try these local food, and some young people who spend their evening with fellows accompanied by some snacks.

26 Oct 2017



Came out of my way for the original kopi joss!

Had a satisfying dinner of nasi kucing here, downed with a glass of their famous kopi joss! There were many other larger, more crowded kopi joss angkringan while we looked for this place, but we insisted on coming here as it is the original kopi joss store!

14 Oct 2017

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Angkringan Lik Man

Pogung Lor No.263, Sinduadi, Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia