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Amarone Bistro & Bar


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Casual Dining

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Sadly, terrible

Sadly, like so many establishments in Jakarta, this restaurant completely misses living up to its potential due to a total lack of incompetent service. The food is ok but the service ruins it. If they had a sole member of staff who actually cared about service they might do better. But sadly they do not. Avoid at all costs !!! I will NOT be back. Ever.

31 Jan 2013



Not as good as nearby alternatives

We had wanted to eat at Amarone Bistro and bar in the Grandkemang Hotel building because it looked interesting from the outside. When we arrived at 6:45 pm, the large restaurant was empty except for one table of diners. We asked the waitress what dishes were the most popular at Amarone, and she responded that pasta was popular and that they also offer tenderloin and sirloin steak. We ordered the first main course showing on the menu, beef ribs, and we were told that there were no ribs that night. We shared tenderloin steak, medium. The French bread and butter was ok, but not special. It took a longer than usual time for the main course to arrive. Much of the tenderloin was tough, and everything was smothered with a gorgonzola cheese sauce that dominated the taste of the steak. Wi-fi is available. We thought that the password was accepted after we entered it, but we never succeeded in accessing the net on either one of our devices. Considering the poor quality of the meat (their meat supplier must be really taking advantage of the cook) and the unenthusiastic service, we did not feel like ordering dessert. We felt that we understood why there were so few people dining there at 7 pm on a weeknight. We would recommend the Grandkemang Hotel coffee shop (Sperta all day dining) over the Amarone because for about the same price, when we are there, the food at Sperta was fresh, cuts of meat were tender, and they offered all of the main courses shown on their menu, unlike Amarone. Amarone is going to be under increasing pressure to improve its food and service because the new JW Marriott Hotel and restaurants next to Lippo Mall are attractive nearby alternatives. Our experience was less than average considering the price.

19 Nov 2012

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Amarone Bistro & Bar