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Fab Bar, but Poor Restaurant

It was Lunar New Year's Eve and we wanted to take our 15 year old daughter out, we missed the day time trip as she refused to go out without her 21 year old sister. So my wife and I planned a drink by ourselves. I wanted to go to The Beehive, but being the rainy season my wife was concerned that she would be eaten by mosquitos. She suggested the wonderful Diritna in Kemang, I explained that I thought it had closed but I thought there was another Arab Restaurant opposite. When we got to Kemang not only had Diritna closed but also all the shops around it and the shops and restaurants opposite. Apparently the Marines are developing this part of Kemang! Jakarta old hands will know exactly what this means, but the image of beach landings during the rainy season in Kemang is certainly amusing. We were planning on going to 365 Eco Bar for drinks anyway, so we just went straight to the bar. Firstly let's talk about its eco credentials. Yes many of the building materials are recycled and it does make good use of natural air flow, but like so many 'green' developments in Jakarta you have to conclude this is more about marketing than a true commitment. Nevertheless, we love the venue, it combines comfort with a sense of fun. I had the Cheesy Burger, the wife Salmon and the girls both had Steak. My Burger came with Chips which I was looking forward too, but they were Chips in the American sense, not the British meaning. No-one felt their meals very good. The wife commented that she thought the cooking oil was not fresh and she should know. A real shame as the snacks are tasty, if a little expensive. Certainly the nachos are good, if not great. However, the staff are brilliant. Last time we visited our 21 year old hipster entertained the whole bar mixing cocktails, she didn't repeat that performance, but nevertheless all the bar staff made a big fuss of her. The cocktails when not mixed by our daughter are great, actually I seem to remember that with the help of the staff she didn't do a bad job. Early on there was a Reggae band on, which the hipster managed to miss, despite having developed a liking for Ska (don't ask). Then the DJ's played some Deep House. The wife and I loved it, the hipster found it too hard. But the 15 year old was in her element. Out with big sister in a venue which felt more exciting than the mall food courts she normally hangs out in. Yes we had numerous cocktails, but when the bill came to nearly Rp.2.000.000 I was a little taken back and am increasingly so in Jakarta. But then how often can we have a great night out and please the entire family, including the increasingly difficult 15 year old? Overall, we love 365 Eco Bar, a great venue with lovely staff.

07 Feb 2016

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365 Eco Bar

Jln. Bangka No. 6 Kemang, Jakarta 14310 Indonesia