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Warong Kotobuki

Warong Kotobuki

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$ • Below Rp75.000/person
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Casual Dining

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We don’t know how many time we had Kotobuki while we were in Bali! All the food is so yummy and cheap! Staffs are super friendly. Very clean. One of the best warung in this area. Thank you guys for the great food and hospitality.

09 Apr 2019



I’ve Struck Gold!

This place is fantastic, and you can only dream of finding a warung this good... Was referred by some fellow Aussies on the way back from Lembongan, and it definitely lived up to its reputation. The menu, food quality and price are second to none, the staff are excellent, and this restaurant has everything you need. Just go there everyone, and enjoy the hidden treasure!

25 Oct 2018



Great meals and friendly staff.

We had a villa close by for 12 days and were out for authentic Indonesian food. We certainly found that in this restaurant. It wasn't a flashy joint, but we wanted the real taste of INDONESIAN FOOD. Out of the 12 days in Kuta, we must have been here at least 9 times for dinner and for luncheon. We even asked them to prepare meals for us that are NOT normally on the menu and that was no problem at all. Staff was very friendly and we received a very joyful HELLO every night and a SORRY we missed you when we did the Indian restaurant close by. Meals were always freshly prepared in a kitchen beside the restaurant and served pretty quickly after ordering. Being with a crowd of 7 and most ordering at least two dishes the table was well loaded. The tahu and tempeh were very nice and we had them every night. The menu was extensive and would suit all tastes including Western, like fish and chips etc. The fruit juice drinks were prepared in the restaurant, may I add the machine ice crushing the ice was noisy but added to the experience. The beer was cold and ice could be added when asked for. If you are in the area do try it, you will not be disappointed.

16 Oct 2018

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Warong Kotobuki

Jl. Kubu Anyar I no. 37, Kuta Indonesia