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Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan

Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan

3.5 / 5(2)
Denpasar Selatan

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$ • Below Rp75.000/person
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Casual Dining

Reviews on Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan

Eddyanto L


No more open

The restaurant has been closed since few month ago.actually the food there is not bad,only the price is quite high.wonder if because of the high prices the restaurant are closed.

16 Feb 2016

Melvyn L


Too good to be true

Drove pass this family restaurant over and over again, i got curious and decided to drop by. The air-conditioned family restaurant was spacious but they were having a bug problem all AC were shut off while the door was left open. My friend and i were pretty hungry that time, we ordered 2 different crab dish and one of them was of course the one with Bagan sauce. The waiting time was truly worth it. We had the best crab dish ever!! The next time we went again, it was gone :( Closed and no information whether they have moved to a new location or whether they moved out from the city. Heartbroken ...

16 Jan 2016



Seafood Lovers

New Restaurant in Sesetan , Denpasar areal . Very close to Pegok field and KFC Sesetan . The restaurant is perfect for seafood lovers because all their menu are seafood but you also have another choice like chicken and vegetables . Order a Family Package including Crab , Prawn , Fish , Squid , Chicken , vegetables , rice and drinks is very suitable for families. The Menu also large and all food are served with Sumatera spicy taste They open daily from 11.00 - 21.00 and closed on tuesday . Come and enjoy seafood ala Sumatera.

08 Oct 2014

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Waroeng Kepiting Saos Bagan

Jalan Gurita I / No. 16 Sesetan, Denpasar 80361 Indonesia