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Tiram Cafe Kenny

Tiram Cafe Kenny


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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/person
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Casual Dining

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Avoid! Avoid!

I never write reviews but now feel compelled after being taken here by my driver guide as a recommendation. He obviously gets commission from here! Although I picked the fish I would eat and it was cooked ok. The rest of the food was not fresh and was served nearly cold. They then gave me an overflated bill by adding on a high service charge over 20%. There was no real service to speak highly of. I questioned the amount but they were adamant this was OK. I was annoyed but just wanted to pay and leave. When I left I told my driver/guide I was not happy and that he should never bring anyone here again!

14 Jun 2015

Louise K


Terrible do not go here!

I have travelled to many places around the world, and hand on heart I can say this is the worst seafood restaurant I have been to and it was very expensive. Clams smelt off (did not eat them!), calamari was like rubber (did not eat it!), crab had no meat in at all. If I had been in the UK I would not have paid for this poor quality food. My daughter also got sick! They also charged me 3 times! Serioulsy do not ruin your holiday by going here!

29 May 2015

Barbara B


Very bad restaurant. Fish had bad smell. We had wedding there and the food was really awful.

I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone. The fish, crabs and soup were really bad. Only the rice was good. The service was fine and the view was nice because you have the tables on the beach. It is not worth our money and I have to say it was not cheap.

27 Aug 2014

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Tiram Cafe Kenny

Jl.Segara Madu Kelan Beach, Kuta 6169 Indonesia