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Rumah Makan Bali Se'i

Rumah Makan Bali Se'i

Open Now09.00 - 22.00 (Mon)

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Price Range
$ • Below Rp75.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Indonesian, BBQ, French Fries, Pork, Rice
Restaurant Type
Casual Dining

Reviews on Rumah Makan Bali Se'i

Eric R


Nice smoke pork

Nice place to have another style of pork cooking... this food actually a NTT provice traditional food. Nice nice nice...... the fried pork.... so crispy....

29 Mar 2018



Fantastic Balinese Food

Enjoyed the food here so much, especially as the prices are decent for pork compared to other Balinese Warungs. The food is so delicious and opens up a new world of work-related cuisine. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and would recommend to anyone wanting some pork or authentic Balinese food.

01 Apr 2017



Blink and you may miss great food!

This place must be one of the most under recognised cheap eats in area. We didn't expect much trying out their se'i, which is a smoked grill pork dish from East Nusa Tenggara. Everything there exceeded our expectations and it was very cheap. The se'i is better ordered in their meal deals as they include a bowl of tasty bean soup to go with it. The crispy fried pork melts in your mouth but the grilled smoked pork was to die for. The taste and smoky aroma combined together to create a unique flavour. Everything was also freshly prepared which you can tell from the taste of the ingredients. Don't let the lack of fancy branding, signs or decor fool you.

04 Mar 2017

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Rumah Makan Bali Se'i

Jl. Dewi Kunti 8X, Bali, Indonesia