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Pinukka Resto

Pinukka Resto

Closed07.00 - 19.00 (Mon)

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$ • Below Rp75.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Batak, Suckling Pig, Pork
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Casual Dining

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Juicy Grilled Pork in Batak Style

The front view seems small, but don't worry, plenty of spacious room inside, even a rather large, semi open-air hall. Rather lousy service, so if nobody take your order, simply go to the cashier and place your order. No menu, if you don't know what to order, call the waiter (forcefully if need be, just don't forget to smile and say thanks, it's okay :)), and ask what's available. The standard menu of a lapo is grilled pork, saksang (spicy pork cooked in blood), and arsik (fish cooked in yellow sauce, rather tangy). The grilled pork was the juiciest I ever taste (compared to other lapo/Batak restaurant), and not too oily either. The taste was great. The sambal was good too, and if you like, extra chili is free. IDR 30K was the price for a small plate of grilled pork, sambal, a small bowl of clear broth, and a glass of plain tea, minus rice. I went there for lunch on Tuesday, and not so many people there, albeit there was a gathering in the separate hall. It might be very full on weekend. Open from 7am. Parking car would be tricky, since the restaurant is on a second street, and doesn't provide parking place. Go there by foot is good, near enough to walk from public transportation stop. The polite way to call them in Batak style is 'abang' (older brother) or 'kakak' (older sister), so don't hesitate to be friendly :)

27 Feb 2018

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Pinukka Resto

Jl. Naripan No. 131, Bandung, Indonesia