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I travell a lot around the world. When I'm in one place, I always seek the original food and also enjoy them with their original atmosphere and scenery. Mango Lango have everything, the scenery is mooi indie, the food simple and delicious. It's one of the best place in the world that I keep in my heart.

09 Apr 2013



delicious food I have ever eaten in bali

before you enter the restaurant you see the beautiful scenery of rice fields is very interesting and unique, at that time I ate fried duck taste incredible spice them up into sets I have not eaten fried duck breathing like this, and the service friendly and very comfortable made me feel at home for a long time here, I do not need to speak at length again and you should try: D

23 Mar 2013

Servasius P


really indonesian extravaganza food

i had travelling to bali several times - my main problem always food - many new resto come but still food can not fulfill my appetite - many just cover anything else food or be prepared on hotel style - other hand warung in bali just based on on spices call bumbu gede so every warung same taste but after trying mango lango resto i am surprised - this is really indonesian food - lonely in hill - no sign and just surround by bali old serenety - sawah - pura - river - food is awesome - and i saw three big canvas plenty hand writing by guest to expressed their happiness and trebon - oh many tourist from french eat here

08 Mar 2013

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Mango Lango Resto

Jl Dharmagiri Near Pekerisan River, 80500 Indonesia