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Ippeke Komachi - Mall Kelapa Gading
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Ippeke Komachi - Mall Kelapa Gading

4.5 / 5(23)
Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG)
Open Now10.00 - 22.00 (Wed)

Restaurant Details

Price Range
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Japanese, Katsu, Sushi, Tempura, Fish
Restaurant Type
Casual Dining

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  • Accepts Credit Card
  • Accepts Reservation
  • Baby Chair
  • Takeaway
  • Wheelchair
  • WiFi

Reviews on Ippeke Komachi - Mall Kelapa Gading



Gw ngeliat di menu gambar makanannya napsuin wkwk jadiny gw pesen da. Namanya ampe sekarang gw ga apal. Swbelumnya gw liay di menunya. Nama makanan yg gw order barachirachi ntah apalah artinya wkwk. Porsinya banyak banget tra dapet sampingannya juga banyak sampe dua macem (miso soup n cawan musi). Miso soup n cawan musinya enakkk. Barachirachinya isinya nasi, sashimi dipotong2 rada kecil plus ad unagi n telor suwir gitu da. Rada manis kl gw blg. Oiya sama ad telor ikannya😋. Trs jg ad jahenya solnya pas gw makan ud mo abis ad kegigit potongan jahe. Rasanya mang jepang banget ga kayak masakan jepang di indoin wkwk.

A Few Months Ago

Caesarino D.


Good Food Bad Service I've got a recommendation from my friends about this restaurant, so i decided to had a dinner in here. This restaurant located at MKG 3, gorund floor. From the name itself, we would know that this restaurant serving japanese food. Some people said that, this restaurant is one of the very first Japanese restaurant in this mall. Lets talk about the place, the interior is very beautiful. The interior is dominated by wood and Japanese-style decor that makes this restaurant becomes more authentic. The restaurant have 3 kind of area, they have rolling sushi bar, teppanyaki area and VIP area. Me and my friends choose the sushi bar area because it's looks very interesting. In this sushi bar we can see the chef making sushi, and we can directly take the sushi from the rolling without ordering. The price of the sushi in the rolling depends with the color of the plate. IDR 27.000 for the dark green plate, IDR 9000 for the yellow plate, IDR 14400 for the red plate, IDR 22500 for the light green plate and IDR 18000 for the blue plate. They have a lot of japanese menu, they have sushi menu, ala carte snack, soba, salad/soup, assorted kushiyaki & kushiyaki set, fry set, rice bowl set menu, teppan and noodle. For me the menu is not too expensive, it's starts form IDR 9.000 to 432.000 rupiah.  Gyouza (IDR 32k) six pcs on the plate, filled with chicken dumpling and serve with soy sauce. Visually it doesn't looks so good, the folds of gyouza's skin is slobbery. But the taste is very delicious, got a texture from the skin and the filling is so tasty. Tamago sushi (IDR 9k) 2 piece of sushi with tamago or japanese omelette on the top, wrapped with nori and smeared with saori. The taste is very amazing, the tamago is very fluffy and the rice is perfectly cooked. Unagi sushi (27k) 2 piece of sushi with unagi on the top and smeared with saori sauce. This is my most favorite sushi, it's tasty, perfectly cooked, and very smooth texture. LOVE IT!  Inari (IDR 14,4k) inari is a sushi rice, stuffed in seasoned Aburaage tofu pouches. The taste is also very delicious. The tofu outside is very tasty and the rice in the inside is perfectly smooth.  Tuna Tama Roll (IDR 18K) a sushi rice with tuna and avocado inside and rolled with tamago outside. For me the tuna inside is too small, and too much rice for the sushi. The taste is not bad, wee need to add wasabi or soy sauce because it's not smeared with saori.  Ebi Tama Roll (IDR 18K) quite same with Tuna Tama Roll, but with the shrimp filling. The taste is delicious, the shrimp is perfectly cooked and smooth. Like the tuna roll, we need some wasabi and soy sauce on it to make more tasty.  Unagi crispy roll (IDR 27K) a sushi roll filled with unagi, avocado, nori and rolled with panko crust rice. For me the unagi inside it too small, and too much rice. But the texture is good because of the panko crust. The service is very poor, the waiters several times ignored me when i call them to refill my ocha. And sometimes they just say "okay" but didn't come to my table. And after we ordered gyouza, it takes at least 45 minutes to come, definitely too long. Overall the food was quite good, they have good quality. But the service was very bad and slow, sometimes pissed me off. Next time i might be come here again, and hopping the service gonna be better.

A Few Months Ago

Naniek H.


saya diajak kesini oleh adik saya untuk perayaan keluarga beberapa hari yang lalu. Diluar dugaan saya, hidangan nya fresh sekali. Tidak heran antrian suka panjang.

A Few Months Ago


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Ippeke Komachi - Mall Kelapa Gading

Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Lantai Ground, Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Jakarta, Indonesia