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Helix LXIV

Helix LXIV


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Price Range
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Asian, Healthy
Restaurant Type
Casual Dining

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Sumptuous Sensual Serenity

Do not miss out on spending time at Helix! If you've been diving or snorkeling in Padangbai, take the opportunity of going to Helix to enjoy a meal or drink overlooking sites that you enjoyed underwater. Beautiful surrounds, beautifully set into the landscape and beautifully designed. Supplement the experience by spending time in the Spa attended to by skilled staff who clearly intend to make your experience enjoyable. Miss Helix and you miss the essence of Bali.

12 Feb 2019

Stefan E


Marvellous restaurant with breathtaking views!

If in Padangbai, don’t miss out on this great place located on a hill overlooking the bay with beautiful views. Warongs down in the city can be nice, but this will take you to a different level. The menu is a perfect mix of local and some international dishes (we only had the local ones), and everything we had during our stay at the Bloo Lagoon Village nearby was really tasty. Take the short climb up to this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner - you wont regret it!

01 Feb 2019



Great menu and killer views!

Healthy menu with lots of locally inspired choices. It’s hard to imagine a more spectacular view. Always seemed to have a noce cooling breeze also.

16 Jan 2019

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Helix LXIV

Jalan Silayukti, Padangbai 25124 Indonesia