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Gong Corner

Gong Corner


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Price Range
$ • Below Rp75.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Asian, Seafood
Restaurant Type
Casual Dining

Reviews on Gong Corner



Brilliant Cheap Restaurant

Ate here several times during my stay in Bali. The food is very tasty and cheap, the fish platter is a proper bargain, £4 for prawns, squid and fillet of fish. The bintang is also ice cold.

03 Apr 2019

Jess B


Yum yum yum

Best cheap eats in Kuta for sure!! Came here for 2x lunches and once for dinner was never disappointed. If you so happen to come here for lunch aim for midday and sit at the front table in the seat facing picolla Italia, best seat in the house hands down. So good in fact, that the wretched local woman who has retired here from England/Australia/anywhere but Bali will indeed show her contempt to you for sitting in HER seat. It’s a must even for the laugh alone. Friendly staff and great food at an awesome price, plus free entertainment if you sit in this woman’s seat!! Made my day!

30 Mar 2019



Value for money

This is a regular for us to visit when in Bali The food is good and the cost will not break the bank. In a lane between Poppies 1 and 2 Do yourself a favour and go there

19 Mar 2019

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Gong Corner

Gang Ronta Jalan Poppies 1, Kuta Indonesia