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Foodcourt Bandara Juanda

Foodcourt Bandara Juanda


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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/person
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Wito W


Soto Bangkalan h. Tohir

OVERPRICED 50k for Soto with standard taste Drink that sold 4 times normal price.. Be careful, they don't display the price Better choose hokben or Carl's

21 Aug 2018

Hanif Z


Hati-Hati sama Harga 😁 (Carefull With The Prize!)

This July, me and my wife take our first trip to singapore, and before the departing time in Juanda Terminal 2, we take a breakfast at Foodcourt Bandara Juanda 2. There are Soto Bangkalan H Tohir at the corner beside Hokben Express, Pojok Tambak Bayan, Carl’s and Old Town White Coffee. My wife eat Soto Ayam Bangkalan, and the prize is expensive 😂, its about 100 thousand rupiahs for one package of meal 🤣 So, my suggestion, try Hokben or Carls because they display the prize, unlike the traditional food that didnt display the prize, and trap you with expensive breakfast!

10 Jul 2018



Various menu available

Foodcourt place on 1st floor Juanda International Airport terminal 2, it's easiest to find, Some of both privides different menu Hokben esxpress a provides japaneese menu combine rice,meat cow,shrimps,and fress vegetables Carls junior provide with specialist on burger with meat roasted Roti O,bakery with chocolatte and cheese cream inside Old coffee specilist on coffee and bakery Nasi campur tambak bayan Nasi padang Please choose clicks with your want Vegetarian are available too

31 Mar 2018

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Foodcourt Bandara Juanda

Jl. Ir. Haji Juanda Bandar Udara Internasional Juanda, Surabaya 61253 Indonesia