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Cocobeet - Senayan City
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Cocobeet - Senayan City

4 / 5(3)
Senayan City (Sency)
Closed10.00 - 22.00 (Fri)

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Price Range
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/person
Dishes & Cuisines
Desserts, Healthy, Cold-pressed Juice, Salad
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  • Accepts Credit Card
  • Accepts Reservation
  • Takeaway
  • Wheelchair
  • WiFi

Reviews on Cocobeet - Senayan City



Cocobeet is what Jakarta has been craving for

Cocobeet is what Jakarta has been craving for. Finally a long-awaited F&B establishment that focusses on health & health only. A pioneer in all things natural, Cocobeet sets a new respecful standard that puts others far in its shadows. So much to review about this place, and I realize that I have to keep this short...for now... Before entering the place, I chanced a wall on the right with words like Cleanses, Health, 100% Plant-Based, Smoothie Bowls, Cold-Pressed, Superfoods...I knew immediately that this will be my go-to place for my ongoing healthy diet. Upon entering the brightly lit store, my eyes are immediately feasted with what looks like a colorful spectacle out of children comic books, spoilt for choice with what I counted to be about 30 different types of drinks alone. This is like I'm in a toy store! Moreover, the toys don't just stop there...adjacent to the drinks I find fancy desserts and salads...and upon reaching the cashier, Kale Chips, Granola, Nuts...and...glancing at the food menu...Smoothie Bowls, Avo Toast, and other healthy goody foods. It's like I'm being given a tour of prolonging life itself. I usually am quite decisive about what to order, but this time I don't know where to begin because I really want to try it all. It'll probably take me a whole month just to do this. This is way too good to be true, right? Nooo it's not! If you really read all their ingredients, you'll find no words anywhere in there like dairy, eggs, preservatives, chemicals, flavorings, artificial whatever. They only use natural superfoods ingredients. Heck they don't even use sugar. It's all 100% plant-based. So you really can have a cake and eat it too. I've always been sceptical about F&B places that claim to be 'healthy'. Well, Cocobeet has banished my scepticism, claimed my trust, and earned my utmost respect at the same time. I can't wait to dig in. See you in my next review. ---------- 25 June 2017 OMG! The Smoothie Bowls are to die for!😋😋😋 Tried all 4 & each has its own special characteristics. Love them all, though my favorite is Green the name suggests...somehow there's a ⚡️ to it & eating it makes me feel fresh, energized & alive🌈 The portion size of the bowls are huge too...worth the 95k. Let me give a little warning...I eat them as meals, not dessert😅 As a dessert, I have to share a bowl with my wife. ---------- 5 July 2017 I was a little down under the weather with a bit of fever & aches all over my joints. Was recommended to try Green Heat. It tasted quite unpleasant & so very spicy from the ginger, leaving me squincing under the burning discomfort sensation in my throat, heating up my body to the point of ejecting bullets of sweat all over my drenching skin. Lo and behold, at that point almost instantaneously my fever & aches seemed to be pushed out, leaving me feeling well & nimble again. This is not for the faint-at-heart, that's why it's called Health Shot😅 Nature's natural remedy is always the best👍😃 ----------

21 Jun 2018



Sajian Sehat

Kabarnya tempat ini adalah outlet ke 3 di dunia dan pertama di Indonesia. Baru buka belum lama di Sency. Baru sempat nyobain Pink Pitaya Smootie Bowl. Tampilannya menarik dan sangat menggugah selera. Setelah tuntas mencicipi ternyata juga mengenyangkan. Belum nyobain yang lain sih tapi so far pasti mampir lagi. Jika anda penggemar sajian sehat wajib hukumnya mencoba. Tempatnya memang tidak terlalu besar ada di lantai 5 Sency.

04 Aug 2017



Lots of choices!

New store opening at SenC. Been there twice. The place is clean and bright, many selection to choose from, with interesting superfood ingredients, desserts, salads, sandwiches, coffee, juices, smoothies, snacks, and also made to order smoothie bowls - seems like that's the trend now). The staff's friendly and knowledgeable. Went there the first time during coffee break, got the mocha espresso and kale chips. Mocha espresso was delicious, great coffee flavor, not too sweet, and a hint of caramel flavor (probably from the dates). Goes well with the kale chips (sweet and salty combo). A co-worker tried the green heat shot as she was feeling under the weather (taste was not good!!, unless you love ginger), but to my surprise she went back the next day and got it again. Second time was for lunch, got the avocado toast and chia pudding. Felt good and energetic after lunch (usually I need 2 more cups of coffee to stay awake). On days I feel like slacking after lunch, I would go to Shaburi and "beef" out. On other days that I want to be more productive (than my boss, or at least feel more productive), I would go to Cocobeet. Cheers!

23 Jun 2017

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Cocobeet - Senayan City

Senayan City, Lantai 5, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19, Jakarta, Indonesia