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Bibianu Cafe

Bibianu Cafe

Jalan Monkey Forest

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/person
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Casual Dining

Reviews on Bibianu Cafe




I love this place!!!! The view, the staff, the food.... I can sit in the cafe for hours. Grab the comfy couch overlooking the rice fields, order some drinks and there you will never how long you have been sitting there until you check your watch! I tried the mee goreng, banana fritters with strawberry ice cream..delicious!! I basically spend a least two to three hours in this cafe everyday! One of my favorite cafe in Ubud.

30 Mar 2016



You'll be surprised by this place!

A discreet place on the street of Jalan Monkey. Every dish that I've tried (Laksa, Nasi Campur, curry with chicken, mahi mahi with potatoes) is good. The highlight at this place is the mahi mahi with potatoes, one of the best I've tasted in the whole of Bali. The vegetable fritters, which is included in the Nasi Campur, is sensational too!

24 Feb 2016



What a nice surprise!

A small restaurant a few steps west of the the Monkey Forest entrance, we were very impressed by its inventive menu and its 'new' take on traditional dishes. The Nasi Campur, had all the usual trimmings and then some, but each was tastier than the next. The menu is full of unique offerings, most locally inspired, offering diners a new experience, and one worth trying. If you can get one of the two tables at the back of this tiny place, you can enjoy a meal overlooking lovely rice paddies. Prices for generally on the reasonable side.

19 Jan 2016

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Bibianu Cafe

Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud Indonesia