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Babiya, Warung Korea

Babiya, Warung Korea

Monkey Forest

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Asian, Korean
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Casual Dining

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Love it!

Thank you, Babiya. Some of the best Korean food I have ever got. I really liked their dishes and atmosphere.

19 Mar 2017

Abraham A


Pretty good Korean food in Ubud

Pretty surprised that we found this Korean restaurant in Ubud. The food weren't so bad but not so excellent. Ramen is pretty disappointing because it taste exactly like package instant ramen with additional egg, not original. Spicy Pork Korean Bento and Pork Bulgogi Korean Bento were good, BiBimBap was okay. At least, it pays my craving of Korean food.

12 Mar 2017

Charles R


Kimchi craving Koreans

Needed a fix so I brought everyone here for lunch. Verdict: reliably good and one noteworthy positive for their fairly simple menu is that they make everything to order on the spot. So pretty fresh and quite authentic even though the staff is all local. Seating is as basic as the menu so this is a pretty simple formula. I'm told a Korean is somehow involved with this place but you would not know it from the service standards which are slow. I also emailed well in advance given my group size and VIP guest but the response to emails is almost non-existent. So if you need a dose of Korean food, take your chances in rocking up for a bowl of Bibimbap.

26 Dec 2016

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Babiya, Warung Korea

Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud Indonesia