Malaysia Internet Packages – SIM Card, Rent Pocket WiFi, and Roaming Packages

Want to stay connected while visiting Malaysia? Now you can find the solution through various international connectivity products. You can find Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Prepaid SIM Card with a cheaper price. Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package.

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About Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is ruled over by a Sultan. It has iconic landmarks, with the most famous being the Twin Petronas Towers in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Location-wise, Malaysia is located just north of Indonesia. The two countries even share a landmass on Kalimantan island.

For tourism, Malaysia combines the glitz of a modern shopping city, alongside the soothing ocean and natural mountains. Currently, Indonesia provides the second highest number of tourists to Malaysia, with Indonesians flying into the country regularly for shopping, vacation, business, and medical treatments.

While staying in Malaysia, it is essential to have a good internet connection. To facilitate this need, Traveloka now provides Malaysia-based internet packages for tourists. These can even be obtained before your departure.

How to Get Malaysia Internet Packages on Traveloka

The process to buy Malaysian internet packages through Traveloka is a simple one. The service is accessible through the latest version of Traveloka App. Follow the following steps to purchase Malaysian internet packages:

  1. Log in to your account on Traveloka App. Find and tap the International Data Plans menu.
  2. Select “Malaysia” as the destination country, and tap “Search Products”.
  3. Internet packages for Malaysia come in 3 varieties: roaming package, pocket WiFi rental, and SIM Card. Choose the package that best suits your needs. Be sure to read all of the information correctly, especially product pickup location in the case of WiFI and SIM Card.
  4. Be sure to check, and double check, all the details on screen before making payment. Once complete, Traveloka will send a voucher to your email address. You will need this voucher to pick up and activate your chosen products.

SIM Cards in Malaysia

A Tourist SIM Card is a local, prepaid SIM Card aimed specifically at tourists. It offers a variety of packages to suit tourists’ demand and can be used for a set period of time. A Tourist SIM Card is connected to the local network and follows local rates. 

To purchase a Malaysian Tourist SIM Card, tap the International Data Plans menu on Traveloka App. Once there, select the “SIM Card” products. There are 3 options for the card, depending on the user’s desires and mobile configuration. You will later obtain your SIM Card at the predetermined pickup location—typically, the main airports connecting the two countries. 

Traveloka offers the provider Tune Talk for its Malaysian Tourist SIM Cards. The cheapest package, at Rp80.500, gives you a data quota of 5 GB with an active period of 7 days. Other packages have data quotas up to 10 GB and are active for 8 – 14 days. Prices start at Rp165.000 up to Rp350.000.

ProductsPricePickup Country
Java MiFi Traveler SIM Asia 8 Days 4GB (4G) + unlimited (2G) Rp.375.000Indonesia
Java MiFi Traveler SIM Malaysia 8 Days 4GB (4G) + unlimited (2G) Rp.250.000Indonesia
Tune Talk Traveler SIM Power Plan 14 Days 10GB (4G) + 10GB (3G) Rp.178.000Malaysia
Tune Talk Traveler SIM Lite Plan 7 Days 5GB (4G) + 5GB (3G) Rp.89.000Malaysia
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Pocket WiFi Rental in Malaysia

Pocket WiFi is essentially a mobile hotspot to connect multiple mobile devices to the internet. The router can be shared by up to 5 mobile devices. It is an exceedingly useful option for people traveling in larger groups, such as families or friends vacationing together. 

Using a pocket WiFi router in Malaysia is based on a rental system. You can rent this product through the Traveloka App, through the International Data Plans menu. You can make your purchase one day before departure, and pay a deposit at the pickup location. 

Traveloka offers a range of options for Pocket WiFi rental in Malaysia. Quotas are available in 1 GB, 3 GB, and unlimited per day. The devices can reach both 3G and 4G networks.

ProductsPrice Per DayPickup Country
Wobicom Malaysia Pocket WiFi 3GB data per day (4G LTE) + 50Mbps data speed Rp.106.000Malaysia
Wobicom Malaysia Pocket WiFi 1GB data per day (4G LTE) + 50Mbps data speed Rp.53.000Malaysia
Java MiFi Singapore & Malaysia Pocket WiFi Unlimited (4G) + 100Mbps data speed Rp.69.000Indonesia
Wiyo Traveler WiFi 1GB data per day (4G) + 30Mbps data speed Rp.65.000Malaysia
Java MiFi Malaysia Pocket WiFi Unlimited + 100Mbps data speed Rp.59.000Indonesia
IziRoam Malaysia Travel WiFi Unlimited with 500MB per day (4G LTE) + 150Mbps download speed + 50Mbps upload speed Rp.55.000Indonesia
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Roaming Packages in Malaysia

The last internet package option is Roaming Package for Malaysia. It is an overseas internet package that is provided by many Indonesian mobile network operators. Travelers are able to use their own personal mobile phone number, just by activating the overseas internet mode on their own SIM Card. 

Through this package, a user’s SIM card will automatically connect to the local networks upon arrival in Malaysia. This package is best suited for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of changing SIM cards and want to be able to call home easily. 

You can purchase Malaysian Roaming Packages on Traveloka App, under the International Data Plans menu. There are 3 providers currently providing roaming packages in Malaysia. They are 3 Hutchison, Telkomsel, and XL Axiata. Data quotas begin at 200 MB and go up to unlimited. They have a set activated period from 1 day up to 30 days. Prices will vary, and start at Rp45.000 up to Rp600.000.

Telkomsel PROMO Asia & Australia 30 Days of 5GB data Rp.335.000
XL Roaming Combo 7 Days 1.75GB (4G) + 100 minutes call (local & Macau) + 100SMS Rp.360.000
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Popular Travel Destinations in Malaysia

Offering an intoxicating mixture of modern city rich cultural history, and exotic natural destinations, Malaysia is a top destination for tourists. Indonesians being no exception. There are many incredible places to visit—here are just the top 5:

Kuala Lumpur

As the country capital, Kuala Lumpur is a display of Malaysia’s modern heart. Filled to the brim with skyscrapers that rub shoulders with a multitude of historically classic buildings in colonial architecture, KL will satisfy visitors who explore the city, even just on foot. Not just a tourist destination, KL is suitable for all traveling needs from shopping to food, and even business.

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Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah and the center for the State of Sabah’s government on the west coast of Kalimantan. The city faces the South China Sea, which gives the city an extraordinary view.

Tourists come to the city to see the exquisite natural beauty on offer. Not just the beaches, though—people also visit Mount Kinabalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, and Manukan Island. There are many places to visit.

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In addition to modern city touring and beautiful nature, you should also visit Georgetown—the historical center of the Malacca Strait. At more than 200 years old, Georgetown is rich in history and has over 12.000 colonial buildings and the mural of the city’s rich history. There are also many coffee shops and street food vendors. This cultural and historical importance has led to the capital of Penang being crowned a UNESCO site of World Heritage.

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Melaka City

Another area of historical importance in Malaysia—the City of Malacca. This city has been a central hub of the Malay civilization since the 15th century. Many who have visited the town make the comparison with the beautiful European city of Lisbon, Portugal. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Melaka City offers historical tours to many places such as A’Famosa Fort, Christ Church, Stadthuys, and Jonker Street.

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Located close to Sumatra, Penang is a leading destination for Indonesian tourists. It is the leading destination for people wanting medical treatment, shopping, culinary tours, and pure relaxation. This multicultural region has many wonders, none more so than the trip to Penang Hill, which will have you traversing up as high as 833 meters above sea level. It is a mandatory stop for all those who want to see the stunning island from a high vantage point.

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