Hong Kong Internet Packages – SIM Card, Rent Pocket WiFi, and Roaming Packages

Want to stay connected while visiting Hong Kong? Now you can find the solution through various international connectivity products. You can find Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Prepaid SIM Card with a cheaper price. Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package.

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous region of China. It is situated on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in Southern China. The most vertical city on the planet offers a luxurious charm for its visitors. High-end hotels, world-class restaurants, stunning destinations, and excellent transportation systems are ready for a complete visitor experience in Hong Kong.

Due to a large number of attractions, Hong Kong is a favorite for Indonesian tourists as an international destination. In 2016, Indonesia accounted for the highest number of foreign tourists, for a Southeast Asian country to Hong Kong. A total of 464.000 people visited the region. Typically, the ideal period of visit to Hong Kong is 3 – 5 days.

While exploring the wonders of Hong Kong, tourists certainly require a good internet connection for smooth communication. To obtain this, tourists should buy special internet packages. Traveloka is on hand to facilitate your communication needs in Hong Kong, with its International Data Plans service. It offers a complete selection of products and packages in one place.

How to Get Hong Kong Internet Packages on Traveloka

A special Hong Kong internet package is available on Traveloka, from a variety of quality providers. To purchase an internet package for Hong Kong, follow the simple process shown here:

  1. Open Traveloka App. Tap the International Data Plans menu, located on the home page. Then enter Hong Kong as the destination country.
  2. There are three product choices, such as Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and SIM Card. Choose the appropriate package and product that suit your needs. Read the explanation carefully, and then tap “Select Product.” Especially when choosing WiFi and SIM Card products, you must pay attention to the pickup location and be sure to choose the most accessible place for you.
  3. Review your order once more, confirm, and make payment. Once the payment has been verified, you will receive a voucher via email, which you can use to redeem your product at the designated place.

SIM Cards in Hong Kong

A tourist SIM Card is a SIM card aimed exclusively for tourists to use in their mobile phones. It applies local rates and packages for calls, SMS, and internet. By using this card, tourists are able to communicate more efficiently through their mobile phones because they will be using the Hong Kong State network.

Travelers are able to purchase Hong Kong Tourist SIM Cards on the latest version of Traveloka App. Select “SIM Card” under product on the International Data Plans menu, and then select the desired package for your trip to Hong Kong. Once the payment process is complete, Traveloka will send a voucher to redeem the product. 

Currently, Traveloka offers the option to buy SIM Cards with data quotas from 1 GB to unlimited. They have an active period of 4 – 10 days. Prices start at Rp105.000. Choices for pickup locations are the airports in Surabaya, Bali, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.

ProductsPricePickup Country
Traveler SIM Asia 8 Days 4GB (4G) speed + unlimited (2G) 128Kbps Rp.375.000Indonesia
Hong Kong 4G Sim Card / CMHK Hong Kong 4G Sim Card 4 Days Unlimited Internet + 2GB (4G) 14Mbps data speed + 2GB 384Kbps data speed. Rp.105000Indonesia
Hong Kong + Macau 4G Sim Card / China One Hong Kong & Macau 4G Sim Card 7 Days Unlimited Internet + 1GB (4G) 14Mbps data speed + 384Kbps data speed Rp.145000Hong Kong
Java MiFi Traveler SIM Hong Kong & Macau 8 Days internet quota 4GB (4G) + unlimited (2G) Rp.200.000Indonesia
Hong Kong + China (mainland) 4G Sim Card / CMHK Hong Kong & China (mainland) 4G Sim Card 10 Days + 1GB (4G) + 1GB (3G) speed data + 14Mbps Speed Rp.205000Hong Kong
China Unicorn SIM Card 8 Days internet quota 2GB (4G) Rp.230500Indonesia
Smartone SIM Card 2.2GB, 8 Days 8 Days Unlimited data 2.2GB + 20Mbps data speed Rp.232500Indonesia
3HK - Hong Kong 10 Days Unlimited, FUP 5GB Rp.175500Indonesia
China Mobile SIM Card 10 Days internet quota 1,5GB (4G) + 20Mbps speed Rp.272500Indonesia
China Unicom - Macau, Hong Kong 7 Days Unlimited, FUP 1GB Rp.153500Indonesia
China Unicom - Guangdong, Hong Kong 15 Days Unlimited, FUP 2GB Rp.162500Indonesia
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Pocket WiFi Rental in Hong Kong

Besides using a Tourist SIM Card, you also have the option of renting a pocket WiFi router to access the internet. This choice is optimal for those traveling in large groups, as a single router can provide a hotspot for 5 or more mobile devices.

Traveloka offers Pocket WiFi products from Java MiFi. There are currently 11 products for travelers to choose from, under the International Data Plans menu on Traveloka App. You can rent a Pocket WiFi on 3G or 4G networks, with prices starting at Rp69.000 per day.

You can pick up the device from the main airports in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bali, and Surabaya. For better preparation, tourists can order the product 2 days before departure with a deposit when picking up the router.

ProductsPrice Per DayPickup Country
Macau, HK & China 4G Pocket WiFi (Java MiFi) Unlimited (4G) + 100Mbps data speed Rp.69.000Indonesia
IziRoam Hongkong Travel WiFi Unlimited with 500MB per day (4G LTE) Rp.65.000Indonesia
WiFiBB Traveler Unlimited (4G) + 40Mbps download speed Rp.54.000Hong Kong
Hong Kong 4G Pocket WiFi (Java MiFi) Unlimited (4G) + 100Mbps download speed Rp.69.000Indonesia
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Roaming Packages in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Roaming Package allows tourists to use their personal mobile phone number to connect to the internet, make calls, and send SMS. Various operators provide internet data packages with bonus SMS and call minutes added in. You will be able to contact friends and family back home, freely. 

To purchase it, simply tap the International Data Plans menu on Traveloka App. Then select Hong Kong and the product as “Roaming.” Once all is selected, enter your number, and date of activation, and proceed to complete payment. Don’t forget to activate your “Roaming” setting, on your phone, to start the service.

Traveloka provides Hong Kong Roaming packages for Telkomsel and XL Axiata. The Telkomsel Roaming Package comes in data options ranging from 200 MB – 5 GB and has an active period of 1 – 30 days. The XL Roaming Packages offer the options of using the consumer's own data plan or unlimited data for between 1 and 30 days active. The second option starts from Rp48.000 and goes up to Rp600.000.

Nama ProdukHarga
Telkomsel PROMO Asia & Australia 7 Days internet quota 2.5GB Rp. 240.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 PROMO Asia & Australia 30 Days internet quota 5GB (4G) + 500 SMS + 500 minutes call to Indonesia Rp. 425.000
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Popular Destinations in Hong Kong

As a new destination, Hong Kong offers a myriad of attractions for tourists to have unforgettable experiences. Here is just a selection of the top destinations, which you should not miss when visiting Hong Kong:

The Peak

Typically referred to as Victoria Peak, this 552-meter-high mountain is the highest point on Hong Kong island. Visiting Victoria Peak requires the use of a unique mode of transportation, the Peak Tram, which takes tourists to the Peak area.

The Peak is the most popular place to truly appreciate the stunning views of Hong Kong. This location gives you panoramic views of the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong island, which combines the excellence of skyscrapers, crystal clear waters, and the greenery of nature. Bringing a camera is a must when coming here. The views of Hong Kong here are too beautiful not to be immortalized.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

For vacationers who bring along their family, Disneyland is the obvious choice. This theme park from Disney has been around since September 2005. Within the 27.5-hectare ground, tourists can enjoy hundreds of different Disney-related activities, which have been divided into 7 themed areas.

There is a variety of exciting entertainment choices, such as the Lion King Festival, the Disney Parade, and the Mickey Mouse Projection Show; all ready to enliven every visitor’s time at the park. It’s not all about physical fun—there is the gastronomical pleasure to partake in, too, with a plethora of delicious foods and drinks offered throughout the numerous small shops and restaurants at the park.

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Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui, or also known as TST, is a must-see destination for those who genuinely want to discover the wealth of Hong Kong. This urban area, on the southern side of Kowloon, is a metropolitan tourist center aimed at those who wish to shop-till-they-drop or just enjoy the splendor of Hong Kong. 

High buildings line the TST area and contain a shopping center, culinary delights, museums, and an art gallery to spoil tourists, indeed. When visiting this area, you must see the Bruce Lee statue on The Avenue of Stars, explore the night-life on Knutsford Terrace, and traverse the Harbor City Shopping Centre.

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