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Want to stay connected while visiting China? Now you can find the solution through various international connectivity products. You can find Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Prepaid SIM Card with a cheaper price. Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package.

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About China

China, or officially known as The People's Republic of China (PROC), has come to be known as a global economic fulcrum. The country has the most significant number of inhabitants on earth and covers much of East Asia with a land mass of 9,69 million km2.

The most common reasons listed for visiting China are business, education, and culture. From a tourism point of view, the country allures visitors with its culture and natural beauty. For tourists, The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City continue to rank as the most popular destinations in China. Besides, the country is also visited by large numbers of tourist shoppers who are on the lookout for all manner of commodities, so long as they come at an affordable price.

It goes without saying that a visit to China needs to be accompanied with an internet connection that is good enough for all your different needs. Therefore, tourists should activate their Chinese internet package before they depart for their trip.

How to Get China Internet Packages on Traveloka

To complement the experience of users traveling around the world, Traveloka now offers International Data Plans on Traveloka app. Thus, when going to countries such as China, users can buy Chinese internet packages via the Traveloka App by following these steps:

  1. Open the Traveloka App on your smartphone and make sure that you are logged in to your Traveloka account. Also, verify that you have downloaded the latest version of the app.
  2. Select the International Data Plans menu from the home page of the app. Enter “China” as your country of destination. Subsequently, the app will display a variety of Chinese internet packages, and all you need to do is choose the one that suits you best.
  3. Three products are being offered: Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and SIM Cards. Just select the one that matches your needs. Next, confirm your order after ensuring you have read the standard terms and conditions.
  4. You will soon receive your voucher via email once your payment has been established. This voucher can be used to redeem product you have ordered at the pickup location you selected when purchasing the Chinese internet package.

SIM Cards in China

While you are in China, you have the option of accessing the internet by using a local SIM card. These SIM cards are specially designed for tourists’ use with internet package in local rates. By using this tourist SIM Card, your connection will be more stable because you will be using a local and trusted network.

The Chinese Tourist SIM Card can be purchased by opening the Traveloka App, selecting International Data Plans menu and entering China as the country of destination. Next, where it says “SIM Card”, users can choose the product that best meets their needs in terms of functionality as well as data volume and period of service.

At the moment, Traveloka offers four different SIM card products from Java SIM. These SIM cards are available for pickup at several different locations, namely the main international airports of Bali, Surabaya, and Jakarta. Chinese Tourist SIM Cards can be bought for as little as Rp300.000 per card. This card contains 2 GB of available internet data with the period of service of 7 days.

ProductsPricePickup Country
Traveler SIM China & Hong Kong 7 Days 2GB Rp.300.000China
China Unicom - Macau, Hong Kong 7 Days Unlimited, FUP 1GB, Data Only China
China Unicom - China Mainland, Hong Kong 8 Days 2GB, Data Only Rp.230.500China
China Unicom - Guangdong, Hong Kong 15 Days Unlimited, FUP 2GB, Data Only China
China Mobile SIM Card 10 Days 1.5 GB Rp.275.000China
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Pocket WiFi Rental in China

Tourists who are traveling to China as part of a group package tour may wish to opt for Pocket WiFi to enjoy a stable internet connection for the duration of their stays in the country. This device is the ideal solution for users who wish to be economical with their internet usage, as this WiFi signal transmitting router can connect up to five users at the same time.

Pocket WiFi for China is available to rent onTraveloka App by tapping on the International Data Plans menu on the home page Orders must be completed at least two days before you intend to pick up the device. Keep in mind that a security deposit needs to be paid when picking up the Pocket WiFi device.

The Pocket WiFi rental package comes with access to 3G and 4G networks. This device can also be used with Java MiFi. It is available for rent starting at Rp69.000 per day with unlimited data usage.

ProductsPrice Per DayPickup Country
China RoamingMan Traveler WiFi Unlimited (4G) + 14Mbps data Rp.70.000China
Java MiFi Pocket WiFi Unlimited (4G) + 100Mbps data speed Rp.69.000Indonesia
IziRoam China Travel WiFi Unlimited with 500MB per day (4G LTE) + 150Mbps download speed + 50Mbps upload speed Rp.65.000Indonesia
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Roaming Packages in China

For users who do not wish to go to the trouble of inserting a new SIM card while traveling to China, there is also the option of activating a Chinese Roaming Package. While using the roaming package, internet access will be available while going abroad, using your regular number. This means that your SIM card will be immediately connected to local internet networks upon arrival at a foreign destination.

Currently, Chinese Roaming Packages are offered by the two biggest mobile phone service providers in Indonesia, Telkomsel and XL Axiata. You can buy such a package by accessing the International Data Plans menu on Traveloka App. After the purchasing process has been completed, your internet data package will become active by the date you entered at the time of ordering. Keep in mind that you must change your smartphone's settings to “roaming” so that the service can be used once it has been activated.

Together, Telkomsel and XL offer scores of different Chinese Roaming Packages, which are all available on Traveloka. You may purchase packages that cost as little as Rp48.000 with 200 MB of internet data, and a period of service of one day.

XL Roaming Combo 7 Days 1.75GB (4G) + 100 minutes call (local & Macau) + 100 SMS Rp.360.000
Telkomsel PROMO Asia & Australia 30 Days 5GB (4G) Rp.335.000
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Popular Travel Destinations in China

China is filled with a variety of unique and alluring tourist destinations. When coming to the country, you may feel overwhelmed by the wealth of dazzling options that can leave an impression which cannot be replicated elsewhere. The following are 3 top destinations which should not be left out of your itinerary when traveling to China:

Great Wall of China

In the past, The Great Wall of China was also known as the "Ten-Thousand Mile Long Wall." As befits its name, the structure which is a UNESCO world heritage site, takes the form of a giant wall, spanning more than 8.800 kilometers across the mountains of northern China.

The Great Wall of China has been included as one of the seven wonders of the world. It’s unsurprising that visitors find themselves awestruck by its size and magnificence. It has been reported that the Great Wall receives as many as 19 million visitors every year. While enjoying the experience of walking down the expanse of the wall, visitors will also be treated to the breathtaking views that surround the structure.

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Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is a palatial complex situated in downtown Beijing. Between 1420 – 1912, the palace was the home of royal families from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Visiting the City will imbue travelers with a strong sense of the past, as though they had been cast back to a picturesque slice of ancient China.  

The Forbidden City now functions as a palace museum. Inside its 180-hectare ground, there are 980 wooden buildings. This figure means the location is home to the single most extensive collection of wooden structures in the world. Indeed, UNESCO has recognized the Forbidden City as the largest royal complex in existence.

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Tiananmen Square

The name Tian'anmen means “Gate of Heavenly Peace.” From this name, the square in the center of Beijing has come to be known by Beijing natives as an ample open space at the door of heaven. With a total area of 440.000 square meters, the square is filled with historically curious tourists on a daily basis. 

As an open space located in front of the door to the south of the palace, Tian'anmen Square has been a silent witness to many important events in Chinese history. These include the Proclamation of the People's Republic of China on 1 October 1949. At the southern end of Tian'anmen Square, visitors can find a mausoleum that contains the remains of Mao Zedong, the founding father of the PROC.

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