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    Hotels in Batam


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    Located 20 km off Singapore’s south coast, Batam is the largest city in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. It is the third most-populated city in Sumatera after Medan and Palembang.

    Tourism has a strong impact towards Batam economic development. In 2010, for example, local government worked together with several hotels, resorts and tourism objects to initiate a program called “Visit Batam 2010-Experience it” as a way to promote local tourism. As a result, this city welcomed more than 1 million international tourists.

    For those who love shopping, Batam is a perfect destination for you. This city is commonly known to own many imported goods such as low to premium fashion as well as technology products. If you are a tech enthusiast, you can easily find various smartphones, cameras and laptops sold in all price ranges.

    The native inhabitants of Batam are the Malays (Malay People, Melayu), an ethnic group that is also known as “Orang Selat” (literally “Strait People”). It is predicted that these people have lived in Batam since 231 AC.

    In the 14th century, Batam was ruled under the power of the Temasek Empire or what is now known as Singapore. Years after that, power to rule Batam shifted to the hands of Malay kingdom of Riau before it united with Indonesia.

    As a city once ruled by Singapore, the local government planned to build Batam as an industrial city or the “Singapore of Indonesia” after the colonial era. Since then, this city has become the base for imported goods, logistics, natural resources such as crude oil and many more.

    How to Get There

    There are several ways to reach Batam: 

    By Plane

    By plane, you will land at Hang Nadim International Airport (BTH).

    Taxi is one of the transportations that you can take from the airport. Several taxis at the airport are: Jala Taxi, Koptiba, Citra Wahara, Union Taxi, Barelang Express, Taxi, Pinky Taxi, Barelang Taxi, Sea Port Taxi.

    Effective per 1 April 2012, all taxis in Batam use argometer. Normal taxi fare is IDR6,000. For every kilometer, the fare increases Rp1.000. However unlike other cities in Indonesia, there is a surcharge for every taxi ride. Taxi surcharge is determined by 3 different zones/categories:

    Taxi surcharges

    • Zone 1 (between 1-5 km): Rp25.000
    • Zone 2 (between 1-10 km): Rp20.000
    • Zone 3 (between 1-15 km): Rp15.000

    There is no surcharge for a taxi ride beyond 15 km.

    DAMRI  Bus 

    DAMRI bus (public bus) is also an option to get to the city center from the airport. Here’s the route information including the fare:

    • Airport-Jodoh: Rp19.000 per passenger

    Operating schedule: 07:30-17:30 (leaves every 1 hour)

    • Airport-Batu Aji: Rp19.000 per passenger

    Operating schedule: 06:30-17:00 (leaves every 1 hour)

    (All prices are subject to change).

    By Ferry

    Batam has six different ports that connect Singapore and Johor, Malaysia.

    It is also possible to reach Batam from different cities in Riau Islands, Bintan Islands and Sumatera.

    A one-way ferry fare is around IDR33,000 per passenger depending on your departure harbour.

    If you are traveling from another country, ferry fare varies from 19-23 SGD depending on your departure harbour.

    (All prices are subject to change).

    By Car

    With four-wheel vehicles, Batam is only reachable if you drive across the Barelang Bridge from either Rempang or Galang (southeast of Batam Islands).

    Public Transportations 

    Choose one of these public transportations to get around Batam:


    Bus is often used by society. To get around the city by bus, whether short or long rides, the fare is Rp4.000 per passenger.


    Angkot is a minivan-shaped vehicle often used by local people. These vehicles are painted in different colours, each represents its route.

    Below you will find out what each colour represents:

    • White/Pink: Jodoh - Nongsa

    • Brown: Muka Kuning - Batu Aji

    • Green: Jodoh - Bengkong

    • Yellow: Bengkong - Muka Kuning

    • Orange: Jodoh - Punggur

    • Dark red: Jodoh - Batu Aji - Dapur 12 via Sukajadi

    • Dark blue: Jodoh - Batu Aji - Tanjung Uncang via Batam Center

    Angkot fare may vary depending on your destination. For instance, from Batam Center to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is IDR3,000.

    Ojek Motorcycle

    When traffic occurs, getting an ojek (or taxi motorcycle) is most recommended as you can get through many narrow streets that will help you avoid the heavy traffic.

    The price varies depending on your destination and negotiation. The cheapest, about 10 minute ride, is around IDR5,000.


    Most taxis in Medan are non metered taxi. Same as ojek, the price varies depending on your destination and negotiation. For a 30 minute ride, taxi fare is around IDR120,000.

    (All prices are subject to change).

    Tourist Attractions

    Whether it is a holiday or business trip, make sure you visit these tourist attractions:


    Located in the city center, Nagoya is Batam’s most recommended tourist attraction when it comes to budget shopping.

    At Nagoya, tourists come to buy fashion and technology products. Though many are sold cheaper than in other shopping areas in Batam, those of high quality are also available. Just make sure you know which one is original so you won’t get fooled.


    Looking for a spot to witness the great city view of Batam? Visit Coastarina and hop into one of the gondolas of the giant wheel. Don’t miss out the other fun rides at the theme park, such as children waterbom and floating karaoke.

    If you like water sport, go for a fun and wet ride on the banana boat.

    Located nearby the beach, this area is also perfect to catch the beautiful sunrise and sunset. From the airport, you can reach Coastarina in 15 minutes by taxi.

    Theme park opening hours:

    • Monday-Friday: 09:00-22:00
    • Saturday: 09:00-00:00
    • Sunday: 06:00-22:00

    Theme park entrance fee:

    • Motorcycle: IDR2,000
    • Car: IDR5,000

    (The first hour parking fee for motorcycle is IDR1,000 and IDR500 for the next hours, meanwhile for car is IDR2,000 and IDR1,000 for the next hours).

    Barelang Bridge

    As Batam’s landmark, the uniqueness of this bridge is that it consists of six bridges connecting various small islands in Batam. What also differs Barelang Bridge from other regular intercity bridges is that it has a parking lot and a restaurant underneath.

    From these six bridges, the biggest one connects Batam and Tonton Island.

    (Prices are subject to change).

    Follow these tips before visiting Batam:

    • The perfect time to visit Barelang Bridge is either in the evening or afterwards. During that time, the bridge is decorated with colourful lights. This may be one of the perfect spots to take photos.

    • Interested in vegetarian dishes? Arya Maitreya Vegetarian Restaurant is a must-visit! This well known restaurant is located at Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya.

    • If you’re staying in Nagoya, one of the most recommended hotels there is Nagoya Plasa Hotel. Offering complete facilities, such as WiFi, restaurant, fitness center, bar and more, this hotel is located at Jl. Imam Bonjol, Lubuk Baja, Nagoya, Batam.

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