BOLT! Credit

Buy BOLT! Credit in Traveloka

How to Buy BOLT! Credit at Traveloka

If you used to have to go to counters to top up your credit, now you can do it online. How? You can top up BOLT! credit through Traveloka App. To purchase credit through Traveloka, first of all you need to download the application, available on Android and iOS. 

With this feature on Traveloka App, purchasing credit is so much more convenient. You can top up your credit anywhere, for example when you are in a remote area, you can top up your credit without having to look for counters. If you need to top up BOLT! credit late at night, all you need is to use your smartphone to do so through Traveloka App. By all means this new feature will make topping up  so much more convenient for customers.

How to Check BOLT! Credit Balance

When you are having a good time with your smartphone, suddenly your activity is disturbed by slow internet connectivity or even got disconnected, resulting in your messages not being sent . After checking your credit balance, it turns out  you ran out credit.

Indeed, this is an unpleasant situation for smartphone users including BOLT! customers. To avoid that situation, you need to frequently check your credit balance. 

There are two methods to check BOLT! credit balance, the first one is to visit BOLT! Website. Another way is by checking your credit balance through My BOLT! mobile application.

If you want to top up your credit, there are two easy ways to do it: first is to access BOLT! website and create BOLT! account. Once you have created an account, log in, and then you can check your credit balance and data plan balance.

Secondly, you can check your balance through My BOLT! application. First you will need to download the application, and after My BOLT! application has been installed, you will need to create a BOLT! account in which you enter your BOLT! number and password.

After that you can check your BOLT! credit and data plan balance. Information about the active period of your mobile number can also be checked in My BOLT! application.These two methods are indeed more convenient  for BOLT! customers. By frequently checking your credit balance, you can anticipate any unwanted situation where you suddenly run out of credit. 

Brief Information About BOLT!

Nowadays, internet has become one of the primary needs that has made our lives so much easier. Through the internet you can fulfill the needs of information and communication easily, and other needs in your daily life. You can learn the most recent information and learn so many new things through cyberspace.

The bigger the needs, the faster internet connectivity needed, therefore BOLT! rises in a modern society who needs faster connectivity with a solution.

BOLT! was officially launched at the end of 2013.  BOLT! is the first mobile broadband with 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Indonesia.

BOLT!  has impressed customers since the beginning because BOLT! promised a faster internet connectivity since it provides 4G LTE Connectivity with faster internet access.

Sometime afterwards,  BOLT! proudly presented the 4G LTE Advanced. You can experience the satisfaction of having the fastest internet connectivity. With BOLT! 4G Ultra LTE, BOLT! provides internet connectivity with a speed of up to 200Mbps. This speed would definitely provide customers with the convenience in using the internet for work-related needs, uploading files or watching video on YouTube.

Beside placing speed as priority, BOLT! also prioritizes in covering several areas  with BOLT! Ultra Coverage. To provide optimum service, especially in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek), BOLT! provides 3600 BTS towers. This gives BOLT! a very large coverage area in Jabodetabek.

With the term BOLT! Ultra Value, BOLT! also  offers a more economic 4G internet data plan with a more friendly price. In order to always be reachable, BOLT! has also set up BOLT! Zone as representative counters for customers who want to purchase their products. 


Nowadays, the internet is an essential part of every smartphone user. Through internet connection, you can do various things. Chatting, video call, browsing, online on social media, or play online games–– the possibilities are endless. 

However, when you are out of internet quota, it will be inconvenient for you to use your smartphone. But don’t worry, these days topping up your internet quota is easy-peasy, thanks to Traveloka.