Online Check-in is one of our way to make your stay safer. We understand that especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, safety should be more of a priority than an additional amenity. That is why we are always looking for ways to improve the safety of our customer's staying experience.

We are trying to improve the check-in process of our accommodation partners through Online Check-in, a check-in process that involves minimum contact. This way, the check-in process is safer for both our customers and our accommodation partners.

How to do Online Check-In

Find the Online Check-In label

On your search result page, look for accommodations that says “Online Check-In Available”. Proceed to book your room as usual.

Complete the Payment Process

Review your booking and continue with payment. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive your e-voucher.

Click the Online Check-In Button

If Online Check-In is available for your booking, an email will be sent to you with the Online Check-In button. You can also find this button on your e-voucher.

Verify Your Identity

Follow the instruction to submit the required document. Make sure your document is clear and recognizable. Please note that the accommodation will not approve your Online Check-in request if the name on the document doesn't match the Guest Name on Booking Details. If your submission is rejected, you will receive an email to resubmit.

What to do upon arriving at the property?

Upon your arrival at the property, show your e-voucher to the property's front desk staff. They will then help you with your remaining check-in process. You might be required to show your ID document to the staff for further checking. Be sure to bring the same document as the one you submitted during Online Check-in. Please note that some accommodations might still require you to submit deposit, sign the registration card, and fill a health disclaimer form.