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BX Ice Skating Rink Tickets at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall South Tangerang

BX Ice Skating Rink Tickets at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall South Tangerang

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What You’ll Experience

Get yourself an exciting experience in one of Indonesia's biggest and finest ice skating rink
Bring your kids to their first skating experience guided by professional instructors
Enjoy exhilarating ambiance while skating in Bintaro Xchange Mall, South Tangerang
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South Tangerang
BX Ice Skating Rink Tickets at Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall South Tangerang

What You'll Experience

Enjoy an Exciting Experience Skating in BX Ice Rink

Have you visited the BX Ice Rink? Those who live in South Tangerang are surely familiar with this particular tourist attraction. Located in Bintaro Jaya XChange Mall UG/3A Floor, it is easy to get to BX Ice Rink. The 1,320 m2 width area will let you enjoy a fun and impressive ice-skating experience. BX Ice Rink is huge and often used as the location of ice-skating competitions, both national and international. It is no wonder that this place is one of the best tourist attractions in South Tangerang. The ice-skating experience is also something that normally impossible to have in a two-season country like Indonesia.

What’s Special about BX Ice Rink

Numerous places offer ice skating rinks in Jakarta and the surrounding area—each has different features. However, BX Ice Rink has several special features that become the reasons why you have to include it as a part of your favourite destinations. Those special features are:

It is in the middle of the shopping centre

One of BX Ice Rink’s special features is the location. It is located in the middle of a shopping centre, which will let you do two things at once; shopping and ice-skating. This way, you can save time and energy because you don't have to move when you want to do both. Because of its accessibility, the ice-skating rink becomes a favourite vacation spot for families. Besides, the scenery around the arena is varied and lively with shopping outlets. You can also easily watch over your kids while they skate over.

It is huge

Nothing is more satisfying than a wide skating arena. So, the place will not be overly crowded, especially when there are lots of visitors. They even claimed BX Ice Rink as the biggest ice-skating arena in Indonesia. Here, you are free to skate with various exciting styles.

It has a professional instructor

You can also use their professional instructor's service, especially if you are new to ice skating. The instructor will help you practice, starting simple movements so you can do it smoothly. The instructor’s role is very important because skating on ice is not easy at first; you need balance and special skills.

It has penguin ice skating facilities

The object is there to help children for their first ice skating experience, or if they are still not good at skating. Penguin ice skating can be a safe grip so that children won't fall.

It is a chilly tourism area

If you visit the ice-skating rink at BX Ice Rink, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere. Relaxing in this place can be the right choice, especially during hot weather. 

Tips to Spend Holiday in BX Ice Rink

While ice skating at BX Ice Rink, you don't need to worry about the equipment you need. Here, you get a complete package that makes your ice-skating experience more convenient and easier. All you need to do is choosing skate shoes that fit your foot size. However, as an extra note, the instructor services will require additional costs. So, don't forget to ask first before buying a BX Ice Rink ticket. You also need to pay attention to the safety of personal items you left behind while ice skating. It's best if you play in turns with people you came with, so there is at least one person who can take care of your items.

Entrance Ticket

BX Ice Rink entrance tickets are usually adjusted to the dates. So, you need to confirm in advance to ensure the costs you are going to spend. Since this place is sometimes used for tournaments’ location, be prepared if you can't access the arena. Thus, don't forget to look for information beforehand so you won’t be disappointed if you are unable to get in. Visiting BX Ice Rink is very fun, especially with people that close to you. For you who plan to spend a valuable vacation, BX Ice Rink can be a perfect choice. You need to buy an entrance ticket for BX Ice Rink to enjoy this place. For each person, you have to pay Rp70,300 (weekday), Rp114,750 (school holidays), and Rp98,400 (weekends and holidays). BX Ice Rink entrance ticket can be cheaper if you buy a promo ticket. To get the BX Ice Rink promo, you can use Traveloka application. There are going to be interesting offers in certain periods that will save your expenses when travelling to BX Ice Rink.

BX Ice Rink Entrance ticket

  • Entrance ticket for weekdays Rp70.300
  • Entrance ticket for school holiday Rp114.750
  • Entrance ticket for weekends Rp98.400