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Let’s Get Closer!

This is the story of two best friends whose houses are across the road from each other. A while ago, all stories could be told as quickly as you could knock on the door. But now both are staying at home, and staying quiet. Visitation is limited, and turns out, the neighbors would get disturbed by loud chatters crossing the road. How can we continue the story of last night's dream, on the verge of a happy ending? Let’s get special price for IM3 Ooredoo Data Packages and enjoy better connections today!

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Promo period: 1 Sep -31 October 2022

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Special price for selected products from IM3 Ooredoo shown on this page.
Limited discount coupon.
Valid for reservations through Traveloka App minimum version 3.20.0 (Android/iOS).
Valid for all payment methods.
Promo period: 1 Sep -31 October 2022
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