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Yogyakarta Tour Package

Budget vacation? Now you can book airline tickets and hotel rooms at the same time to get cheaper prices. By ordering both in one packages, plan your vacation instantly at one time. You can choose and modify a variety of tour packages that we offer to get the combination that suits you best.

Best Jogja Holiday Deals 2019!

Jogja Package From Jakarta (Including Flight + Hotel)

RouteHotelDurationPrice Per Person (Starting From)
Jakarta - JogjaThe Edelweiss Hotel Yogyakarta3 Days 2 NightsRp 1.891.965
Jakarta - JogjaAllstay Hotel Jogja3 Days 2 NightsRp 1.731.035
Jakarta - JogjaCrystal Lotus Hotel3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.111.724/td>
Jakarta - JogjaHotel Neo Malioboro3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.134.718
Jakarta - JogjaGrand Inna Malioboro3 Days 2 NightsRp 3.001.762

Jogja Package From Surabaya (Including Flight + Hotel)

RouteHotelDurationPrice Per Person (Starting From)
Surabaya - JogjaGrand Aston Yogyakarta3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.476.858
Surabaya - JogjaGrand Mercure Yogyakarta3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.490.371
Surabaya - JogjaHouse Of Moedjito3 Days 2 NightsRp 1.783.983
Surabaya - JogjaFavehotel Malioboro3 Days 2 NightsRp 1.719.912
Surabaya - JogjaPop! Hotel Malioboro3 Days 2 NightsRp 1.728.0808

Jogja Package From Semarang (Including Flight + Hotel)

RouteHotelDurationPrice Per Person (Starting From)
Semarang - JogjaNovotel Yogyakarta3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.941.953
Semarang - JogjaHarper Mangkubumi3 Days 2 NightsRp 3.058.550
Semarang - JogjaHotel New Saphir3 Days 2 NightsRp 3.058.550
Semarang - JogjaYellow Star Ambarukmo 3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.605.392
Semarang - JogjaThe Rich Hotel Jogja3 Days 2 NightsRp 3.318.678

Jogja Package From Bandung (Including Flight + Hotel)

RouteHotelDurationPrice Per Person (Starting From)
Bandung - JogjaWhiz Hotel Malioboro3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.687.569
Bandung - JogjaEastparc Hotel Yogyakarta3 Days 2 NightsRp 3.680.278
Bandung - JogjaHotel Dafam Fortuna Seturan3 Days 2 NightsRp 2.563.663

About Yogyakarta

A country within a country, that's how people usually call the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the only province in Indonesia that is in the form of a kingdom. The palace (keraton) is not just a display, but a center of government. The Yogyakarta Sultanate also has the right to draft a law equivalent to the law (undang-undang).

About 3 million people are living in Yogyakarta. They are spread in one municipality and four districts. The Yogyakarta city is the only municipality. This city is the place where the Ngayogyakarta Palace was founded. Friendliness, beauty, and culture that are entrenched, are summarized in one city package of Yogyakarta.

Winongo, Code, and Gajah Wong rivers are the three rivers that surround Yogyakarta City. A city package lay in the valley. That is why drainage channels were built during the Dutch colonial period. The goal was one, to protect Yogyakarta from floods.

Popular Transportation in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta City has a complete transportation package. The available transportation modes include city transportation, Trans Jogja buses, taxis, taxi bike, and pedicab. In addition, Yogyakarta offers air transportation that operates at Adi Sucipto Airport. There are also trains provided for transportation outside the city.

If you come from the airport direction, the Trans Jogja bus is the cheapest transportation available. This bus starts operating around 05.30 a.m. Getting out of the airport, you can wait for the bus at the nearest Trans Jogja stop. Don't forget to buy a ticket with a cost Rp4.000 for a one-way trip.

Besides the Trans Jogja bus, you can also take the Prambanan Ekspres train to the downtown. The Prambanan Ekspres train will take passengers to Yogyakarta Tugu Station which is located in the middle of the city. A train trip package is priced at Rp3.000 per person.

If you don’t like to take a bus or train, you can use a taxi as an alternative. But, you have to find a taxi that applies a rate. Usually, the normal rate is around Rp40.000 – Rp50.000 for a package traveling from the airport to downtown. The travel time is approximately 25 minutes if passing Raya Solo Street.

Reasons to Visit Yogyakarta

First, Yogyakarta is the city with the lowest cost of living. If in other cities goat curry dish’s price is Rp15.000, in Yogyakarta it is only Rp5.000. In addition, there are many 3 star hotels in Yogyakarta with rates below Rp300.000 per night.

Second, Yogyakarta has diverse tourist attractions, ranging from the beach, mountains, history, to the city. There are also cultural tour packages such as visiting the Ngayogyakarta Palace and several museums.

museum di jogja

Interestingly, contemporary culture does not diminish original customs in Yogyakarta. Every day, you can witness the richness of traditional culture. This is one of the reasons why Yogyakarta is a city worth-visited. A tour package to Yogyakarta will never be a disappointment.

Unique Activities in Yogyakarta

As a tour city, Yogyakarta has many interesting places. You can do various activities. For example, take pictures in Tugu Jogja, have a fresh air in some beaches there, enjoy the night at the zero points of Yogyakarta, and many more. All of them become a unique landscape package in the middle of the city.

There are also unique activities that are quite popular among people who believe in myths. One of them is passing by in front of a twin banyan tree. It has been said that anyone who is able to pass through the gap of the banyan tree will be a successful person. In addition, you can see other unique activities in the Ngayogyakarta Palace. Visitors will be presented with a cultural tour package.

Interesting Places in Yogyakarta

Who will not be attracted to visit Yogyakarta? This city never loses its charm. Here are some recommended tourist attractions to visit:

  • Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace
  • keraton

This palace is not only a center of government but also a cultural tourist attraction. You can enjoy various traditional things. Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace is open at 9:00 a.m. The ticket fare is Rp7.000 for local tourists and Rp12.500 for foreign tourists. The fee applies only to see cultural and custom packages on the front of the palace. If you want to go to other parts of the palace, you have to buy an additional ticket.

  • Malioboro
jalan malioboro

Malioboro is a shopping center in Yogyakarta. Here you can find various kinds of accessories, traditional batik, and culinary. In addition, you can also watch several art performances in the Malioboro area. To enter this area, you don't need to buy a ticket because it’s free.

Flight Ticket + Hotel Package to Yogyakarta

With the flight ticket plus hotel package available at Traveloka, you can visit Yogyakarta more easily and cheaply. Choose a variety of tour packages that we offer, and modify it as you like to get the combination you want.

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