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Flix Profile

Officially launched on July 2017, Flix Cinema is built under the management of Agung Sedayu Group, one of the biggest property companies in Indonesia. As a newcomer in the movie theater business, Flix still focuses its service on only two locations.

The first studio is located in PIK Avenue Mall, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, while the second one takes place in Grand Galaxy Park, South Bekasi. Both shopping malls where Flix studio is located are parts of Agung Sedayu Group business chain. By 2019, Flix plans to develop the cinema chain by building its studio in several other cities in Indonesia with the target of 21 studios.

Flix offers the concept of lifestyle cinema which suitably fits into the millennial ways of living. The concept is realized through minimalist studio design as well as other entertainment facilities on site. In addition to becoming a movie theater, Flix declares itself as a chic, favorite hangout of youngsters.

Modern facilities and eco-friendly interior design are some of the special qualities owned by Flix Cinema. Moreover, this cinema chain also offers various healthy snacks, food, and drink that you can savor while watching your favorite movie.

Because of its motto that expresses “Fantasy, Live, Innovation, and ultimate eXperience," Flix always offers the best watching experience that you will find impressive and enjoyable at the same time. Despite its recent growth, Flix can keep up with other movie theater chains that have been developed earlier in Indonesia.

Flix Studio Type

Choosing young generations as its target, Flix Cinema applies modern minimalist design to all of its studios, creating both a comfortable and elegant impression. This cinema chain uses the term ‘hall’ while referring to the studio. There are three types of hall offered by Flix: Silver Hall, Gold Hall, and Platinum Hall. Each has its facilities and special qualities.

Silver Hall

Silver Hall is a standard movie studio of Flix Cinema. The facilities in this type of hall include ergonomic seats and a high-quality audio system. The hall uses Dolby Digital Theater System (DTSX) with alcons and nova audio technology. Modern facilities and comfortable watching experience of Silver Hall are offered at an affordable price, so it is suitable for everyone.

Gold Hall

Gold Halloffers more exciting experience with reclining seats in which you can change the seat’s back to match your comfortable position. Each seat comes with a mat that allows your feet to rest while watching the movie. The seat is also equipped with the USB port on its right or left side where you can use it to charge your phone or other mobile devices.

Platinum Hall

Offering more exclusive watching experience, Platinum Hall is the best studio type in Flix Cinema. In general, the hall’s facilities are quite similar to the ones in the Gold Hall. Moreover, Platinum Hall also provides other additional features, including paired luxurious reclining seats, side tables, and soft blankets. You can watch the movie in a high level of comfort while enjoying your favorite snack or main dish.

In addition to three types of the studio above, Flix Cinema provides additional facilities on site, including snack corner, bar, and an art exhibition area with the attractive interior design. While waiting for the movie to start, you can visit those facilities or take pictures on your favorite side of the cinema.

Flix Cinema Schedule

Before visiting the nearest site of Flix Cinema, make sure that the movie you’d like to watch has been already fixed on the schedule. Now you can quickly check the schedule for each movie shown in Flix by using one of the features in the Traveloka App, namely Traveloka Movies.

All you need to do is choose the Flix Cinema location that you want to visit and find the movie you want to watch. The app will show the movie schedule by day and showing time. After picking the most suitable time for you, you can order the ticket online directly on the app.

Flix Cinema Ticket Price

Flix Cinema ticket price varies based on the day and its class. This is the latest price list:

After getting all the information you need about location, types of studio, and a ticket price of Flix, you can choose this cinema chain as one of the entertainment sites to spend your weekend or spare time. With its modern concept and facilities, Flix Cinema offers a wonderful experience where you can watch the latest movies or your favorite ones.

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