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19 October 2021
1 Adult
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TransNusa Aviation: An Introduction

TransNusa Aviation, widely known as TransNusa, is an Indonesian domestic airline that focuses on operating flight services to the eastern part of Indonesia, mainly Nusa Tenggara and southern Sulawesi. The airline currently operates flights to 20 destinations in Indonesia, as well as two international flights to Dili in East Timor and Darwin in Australia. TransNusa offers only one type of flight class, which is the Economy Class.

TransNusa Aviation Seat Class

Economy Class

Operating mostly short-haul flights to destinations in eastern Indonesia, TransNusa only offers flights in the Economy Class, which is further categorized into ten subclasses. This decision was based on the airline’s understanding of its passengers, who tend to prioritize function over facility when traveling. It also allows TransNusa to offer competitively low fares, making flights affordable to everyone. However, despite its low flight fares, TransNusa commits to provide comfortable flights to its passengers, with safety and security as its top priorities.

In-flight Meal

Economy Class passengers will be provided with an in-flight meal service, which consists of mineral water and bread. This in-flight meal service is available in all flight routes, making the flight journey become more enjoyable for the passengers.

TransNusa Aviation Privilege Programs


To reward its most valuable passengers, TransNusa offers a frequent flyer program called VIP. By being a VIP member, passengers are entitled to exclusive facilities that cannot be enjoyed by regular passengers. These facilities include free additional 10 kg of baggage allowance, as well as access to TransNusa’s airport lounge at El Tari International Airport in Kupang. VIP members will also get booking priority, which can be beneficial during holiday seasons. Passengers who have used TransNusa’s flight service for ten times will automatically be a VIP member.

Airport Lounge

Even though TransNusa mostly serves short-haul flights, it does not mean that the airline is not capable of pampering its passengers. TransNusa offers an airport lounge facility at its main hub at El Tari International Airport in Kupang. The airport lounge is built to provide maximum comfort for the airline’s most loyal passengers, so they can relax and wind down while waiting for departure. The lounge is equipped with various facilities such as television, comfortable couches, and a great selection of foods. Available exclusively for VIP members, this lounge can accommodate up to 100 people.

TransNusa Aviation Fleet

ATR 72-600

Seat class:

  • Economy

Seat layout:

  • 2-2 (Economy)

Seat pitch:

  • 28 inches (Economy)

In-flight entertainment:

Not Available


Not Available

Power/USB port:

Not Available

TransNusa Aviation In-flight Crew

TransNusa’s flight attendant uniform is dominated by a bright red color. The airline’s flight attendants wear a knee-length dress in red, with yellow patterns on its collar and elbow-length sleeves. The mixture of red and yellow colors creates a perfectly balanced uniform that is pleasing to the eyes. Most importantly, he uniform enables TransNusa’s flight attendants to serve its passengers with a high level of mobility. To complete the look, each flight attendant also wears a nametag attached below the collar so they can be easily recognized by passengers.

TransNusa Aviation Passenger Policy

Infant Passenger Policy (0-2 Years Old)

  • Infant passengers will not be charged the full adult fare.
  • One adult passenger can only travel with one infant.
  • Adult passengers traveling with infants must sign a statement letter prior to departure, releasing the airline from any responsibility should anything happen to the infants during travel.
  • TransNusa does not provide infant meals, and thus passengers are suggested to bring their own.
  • Infants will not get a free checked baggage allowance.
  • Infant flight tickets cannot be refunded.

Child Passenger Policy

  • Children below 6 years old are not allowed to travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult passenger aged at least 18 years old.
  • TransNusa provides special service for children traveling alone (Unaccompanied Minor). These services include assistance prior to departure and during the flight.
  • Parents or legal guardian of an Unaccompanied Minor are required to sign a consent and release form.
  • Unaccompanied Minors will be given a special tag for identification.

Pregnant Passenger Policy

  • Passengers with a pregnancy less than 28 weeks are allowed onboard.
  • Passengers with a pregnancy beyond 28 weeks are not recommended to fly.
  • Pregnant passengers are are required to present a medical certificate from a doctor.

Disabled Passenger Policy

  • Disabled passenger refers to passengers with restricted physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory abilities, which makes it hard for them to interact with their surrounding.
  • Disabled passengers will get priority access to the check-in counter.
  • Disabled passengers must contact TransNusa or provide information about their condition during booking.
  • Passengers using an oxygen mask and/or stretcher must be accompanied by a support personnel and present a medical certificate issued by a doctor.

TransNusa Aviation Check-in Time

Please find the check-in time for all TransNusa Aviation flights on the table below. Check-in time may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline. Please check your e-ticket to ensure.

Flight Route

Recommended Check-in Time

Check-in Time Limit

All Routes

1 hour 30 minutes before departure

45 minutes before departure

TransNusa Aviation Refund Policy

In general, refunds are permitted for personal reasons (self-cancellation, sickness, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), cancellation/rescheduling by the airline, force majeure, or double booking. However, different airlines have different policies regarding acceptable refund reasons. Please visit TransNusa Aviation Refund Policy for a complete information on refund.

TransNusa Aviation Reschedule Policy

You can easily change your flight schedule and itinerary using Easy Reschedule. Some airlines allow changes to date, time, route, and airline, while some only allow changes to date and time. Please refer to TransNusa Aviation Reschedule Terms & Conditions to find the complete guide to rescheduling your flight. If your flight is not eligible for Easy Reschedule, please contact TransNusa Aviation directly to reschedule.

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