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05 August 2021
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Korean Air: An Introduction

Korean Air, one of the founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance, is the largest airline in South Korea in terms of international flights, destinations, and fleet size. The airline is currently one of the top 20 best airlines in the world. Korean Air flies to 131 destinations across 46 countries and 13 domestic destinations. The airline currently operates with 160 aircrafts, serving passengers in Economy Class, Prestige Class, and First Class.

Korean Air Seat Class

Economy Class

Korean Air provides the ultimate comfort in its most affordable flight class. The cabin offers reclining chairs with 34-inch legroom and 18-inch width for maximum comfort. The chair can be reclined to an 118-degree angle for better comfort. Each seat is equipped with an LCD screen that features various music playlists, Videos on Demand, short movies, and many more. Passengers can choose their seats from 361 days to 48 hours before departure.

In-flight Meal

Korean Air offers diverse selections of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes, depending on the flight route. Passengers can enjoy authentic Korean dishes such as bibim noodles, Gondreabap, bibimbap, stir-fried octopus, rice, and vegetables. Passengers on a long-haul flight can also enjoy snacks such as rice cakes, samgak kimbap, pizza, and cup ramen.

Prestige Class

Korean Air offers an improved and luxurious service in its business class, otherwise known as the Prestige Class. Seats in the Prestige Class are 21-inch wide and provide more spacious legroom compared to the Economy Class, completed with a footrest. However, each seat is equipped with the same entertainment facilities as Economy Class. Korean Air also offers Prestige Plus, Prestige Sleeper, and Prestige Suites seats for extra sleeping space and privacy.

In-flight Meal

Korean Air serves various Korean dishes such as Dongchimi noodles, bibimbap, bulgogi, soy-sauce marinated crab, and galbi-jjim. All dishes are served on a simple, yet stylish dishware. Passengers in Prestige Class can also taste high-quality wine from Italy, Germany, California, and France, including the famous Perrier-Jouet.

First Class

Korean Air’s First Class offers selections of spacious, private seats with various amenities. Passengers can choose between Kosmo, Kosmo Suites, Kosmo Sleeper, and Sleeper, which provides ample space for sleep and work. Individual reading lights, adjustable sleeping-seats, and partitions create a comfortable space for long-haul flights. Passengers also get to enjoy a personal LCD screen for entertainment, along with headphones and on-demand videos.

In-flight Meal

Meals served in First Class uses only the freshest ingredients from Jeju Island, served on elegant dishware. Passengers can enjoy traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi, kimchi, Dongchimi noodles, bibimbap, and soy-sauce marinated crab. Passengers can also choose between selections of gourmet wine, from Alsace, Bordeaux, or Bourgogne.

Korean Air Privilege Programs


Korean Air offers SKYPASS, a frequent flyer program that gives benefits for any Korean Air passenger age 12 years and above. Members can earn points, benefits, and rewards every time they fly with Korean Air or use other services affiliated with the airline. SKYPASS offers three tiers of benefits from Morning Calm, Morning Calm Premium, and Million Miler Club. Benefits include exclusive check-in, additional baggage allowance, access to KAL lounge, discounts, and many more. Passengers under 12 years old can also enjoy various benefits from the SKYPASS Junior program.

Korean Air Fleet

Airbus 380-800

Seat class:

  • Economy
  • Prestige Class
  • First Class

Seat layout:

  • 3-4-3 (Economy)
  • 2-2-2 (Prestige Class)
  • 1-2-1 (First Class)

Seat pitch:

  • 34 inches (Economy)
  • 74 inches (Prestige Class)
  • 83 inches (First Class)

In-flight entertainment:



Not Available

Power/USB port:


Boeing 777-300ER

Seat class:

  • Economy
  • Prestige Class
  • First Class

Seat layout:

  • 3-3-3 (Economy)
  • 2-3-2 (Prestige Class)
  • 1-2-1 (First Class)

Seat pitch:

  • 33 inches (Economy)
  • 74 inches (Prestige Class)
  • 83 inches (First Class)

In-flight entertainment:



Not Available

Power/USB port:


Korean Air In-flight Crew

Korean Air flight attendant wears a combination of a sky-blue suit with a white shirt underneath and a white knee-length skirt. An elegant blue-and-white scarf complements the whole piece, creating a simple but refined look. The uniform was designed by an Italian designer, Gianfranco Ferré, and is made with ergonomic and comfortable materials. The design and color scheme were chosen to reflect Korea’s classic beauty, while still reflecting international, modern fashion sense. The comfortable material and design help the staff to assist passengers more quickly and effectively.

Korean Air Passenger Policy

Infant Passenger Policy (0-2 Years Old)

  • Infants younger than 7 days are not allowed onboard.
  • Infants can fly free of charge on domestic flights but will be charged 10% of the adult fare for international flights.
  • Infant passengers will not be assigned an individual seat unless passengers purchase a child ticket.
  • Korean Air only allows one infant passenger per adult.
  • Infant passengers flying on a domestic flight are allowed to bring one car seat or baby bassinet, and one foldable stroller. While on international flights, infant passengers are allowed to bring one car seat or baby bassinet, one foldable stroller, and one item under 10 kg and no larger than 115 cm in width, height, and length.
  • Korean Air serves orange juice and formula for infants under 12 months. Infants between 12–24 months will be served baby food.
  • To order an infant meal, passengers are required to contact the airline at least 24 hours before departure. However, Korean Air does not accommodate meals for infants with allergy.
  • Baby bassinets are available in several international flights. Passengers are required to contact the airline at least 48 hours before departure to use the baby bassinet.
  • Baby seats are available for infant passengers, while baby harnesses are available for all passengers under five years old. Passengers are required to contact the airline at least 72 hours before departure to use these services.

Child Passenger Policy (2-12 Years Old)

  • Passengers must be at least five years old to be able to travel alone. Unaccompanied Minor service is also available if the person accompanying the child is under 18 years old, or if they do not travel in the same plane cabin.
  • Unaccompanied Minor service is subject to standard child fare for domestic flights, and standard adult fare in international flights.
  • Unaccompanied Minor service is also available for passengers aged 12 to 16 years old. However, standard adult fare applies for this service.
  • Parents or guardians must apply for Unaccompanied Minor service at least 24 hours before departure time. The airline will discuss the child's identity, contact information, and pick-up details.
  • Korean Air requires the Unaccompanied Minor to be picked up as per discussed. Otherwise, he or she will be returned to the departure point, at the expense of the minor’s parent or guardian.

Pregnant Passenger Policy

  • Korean Air provides a complimentary kit for pregnant passengers. Passengers are required to inform the airline at least 24 hours before departure time to arrange services.
  • Passengers with single or multiple pregnancies of less than 32 weeks are allowed to fly without any requirements.
  • Passengers with a pregnancy between 32 and 36 weeks must inform the airline about the pregnancy term during booking, and submit a special Declaration Page that can be downloaded at the Korean Air official website.
  • Passengers with a single pregnancy of 37 weeks and above, or multiple pregnancies (pregnant with two babies or more) of 33 weeks and above, are not allowed to fly for safety reasons.
  • Pregnant passengers with complications or specific conditions must submit both the Declaration Page and a medical certificate. The medical certificate must be filled and signed by the passenger’s regular OB/GYN doctor.

Disabled Passenger Policy

  • Korean Air provides a wheelchair service with an escort. Passengers who need to use this service are required to inform the airline during booking.
  • Korean Air applies the first-come-first-serve rule for the wheelchair service. Wheelchairs will be given to passengers with prior reservation.
  • The wheelchair service is available to transport passengers from the check-in counter to the plane and from the plane to the arrival area. A professional escort will help to accompany the passenger during the transfer.
  • The wheelchair and escort service are not available for passenger’s personal errands, such as shopping, and are not available outside the terminal.
  • Passengers can bring their own wheelchairs, as long as it complies to the regulation related to the plane's dimension. A small plane such as B737 does not accept wheelchairs larger than 112 x 84 cm.
  • If the wheelchair is battery-powered, passengers are required to inform the airline during booking. The battery must be stored safely, and the battery terminal must be insulated to prevent fire hazards.
  • Passengers who bring their own wheelchairs can still ask for help from the airport staff and cabin crew to move around.
  • Passengers with further inquiries regarding wheelchair type, requirements, or physical conditions can contact the airline during booking.

Korean Air Check-in Time

Please find the check-in time for all Korean Air flights on the table below. Check-in time may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline. Please check your e-ticket to ensure.

Flight Route

Recommended Check-in Time

Check-in Time Limit


1 hour before departure

20 minutes before departure


1 hour 30 minutes before departure

40 minutes before departure

All flights to North America

2 hours before departure

1 hour before departure

Korean Air Online Check-in

Online check-in is also available for Korean Air flights. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Korean Air web check-in page
  2. Enter your booking code, or other booking details, as instructed
  3. Complete your check-in details
  4. Save and/or print your boarding pass

Korean Air Refund Policy

In general, refunds are permitted for personal reasons (self-cancellation, sickness, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), cancellation/rescheduling by the airline, force majeure, or double booking. However, different airlines have different policies regarding acceptable refund reasons. Please visit Korean Air Refund Policy for a complete information on refund.

Korean Air Reschedule Policy

You can easily change your flight schedule and itinerary using Easy Reschedule. Some airlines allow changes to date, time, route, and airline, while some only allow changes to date and time. Please refer to Korean Air Reschedule Terms & Conditions to find the complete guide to rescheduling your flight. If your flight is not eligible for Easy Reschedule, please contact Korean Air directly to reschedule.

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