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Citilink: An Introduction

Citilink is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. It was established in 2001 as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Garuda Indonesia to provide another alternative of low-cost airlines in the country. Since 30 July 2012, however, Citilink has been operated officially as a business entity separate from Garuda Indonesia. Today, Citilink is very well-known as one of the best low-cost airlines in Indonesia.

Citilink Seat Class

Economy Class

Citilink provides only economy class, but with two kinds of seats: Green Seat and Regular Seat. Green Seat refers to seats located in row 1 to 5, marked by green headrests. Compared to Regular Seat, the Green Seat offers more spacious legroom for comfort. Every passenger in the economy class is entitled to a free baggage allowance of 20 kg. Passengers can check-in from two hours to 30 minutes before departure.

In-flight Meal

Citilink does not provide free in-flight meals to its passengers. However, passengers can pre-order their meals or purchase them directly onboard. Citilink in-flight meals range from roasted chicken breast with béchamel sauce and potato and spaghetti bolognese, to nasi uduk with roasted chicken and nasi ulam with sweet fried beef.

Citilink Privilege Programs

Citicyclink Community

Citicyclink Community is a bike-riding community dedicated exclusively for Citilink passengers. Every Citilink passenger is eligible to become a member. They just need to sign up through Citilink’s official website and pay an annual membership fee of Rp250.000. Citicyclink Community offers a variety of benefits such as:

  • An additional 20 kg allowance of checked baggage to carry bicycles onboard
  • Citicyclink member card
  • 10% discount for Citilink Cars by using a promo code exclusive for Citicyclink members
  • 10% discount for every purchase made at Citilink Store in PT Citilink Indonesia, 14th floor, Jl. S. Parman Kavling 72, Slipi, West Jakarta.

Citilink Fleet

Airbus A320

Seat class:

  • Economy

Seat layout:

  • 3-3 (Economy)

Seat pitch:

  • 29 inches (Economy)

In-flight entertainment:

Not Available


Not Available

Power/USB port:

Not Available

Citilink In-flight Crew

When Citilink first operated in Indonesia, its flight attendants wore a rather casual uniform of a polo shirt and short pants. In 2011, as part of Citilink’s rebranding strategy, the airline held a design contest for its new uniform. The winning design has been worn by Citilink flight attendants until today. Staying true to the color of Citilink’s logo, the color of the new uniform worn by the female flight attendants is dominated by green, with white accents on some parts. The male flight attendants, on the other hand, wear a shirt with green stripes as their uniform.

Citilink Passenger Policy

Infant Passenger Policy (0-2 Years Old)

  • Infants aged less than 3 weeks is not allowed onboard, except when there is a formal written letter from a doctor and the Statement of Limited Responsibility has been signed by the parents.
  • Premature infants should be considered as medical cases (MEDA) and handled as passengers requiring special handling or with special requests.
  • Infants are charged only 20% of the regular adult’s fare and will not receive a baggage allowance.
  • Infants must be accompanied by an adult companion traveling on the same plane, in the same class, and to the same destination as the infant. Companions must be able to take full responsibility of the infants escort.
  • One adult passenger can only carry one infant.
  • For safety reasons, the number of infants carried by Citilink cannot exceed 10% of the aircraft capacity.

Child Passenger Policy (2-12 Years Old)

  • Child passengers will be charged the full adult fare.
  • Child passengers are allowed to travel alone, but will be registered as an Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Parents of the child passenger traveling alone must come to the nearest Citilink office or the nearest airport to sign a statement letter.

Pregnant Passenger Policy

  • Pregnant passengers are required to report to the check-in counter with a recommendation letter from a doctor and fill in the indemnity form.
  • Pregnant passengers traveling with Citilink must sign the Limited Liability Statement during check-in to liberate Citilink from any liability that could arise from the pregnancy.
  • Passengers within 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy are required to submit an approved medical certificate confirming the age of pregnancy and that they are fit to travel. The certificate must be issued within 30 days from the date of departure (outbound or inbound).
  • Passengers within 35 weeks of pregnancy or above are not allowed onboard.

Disabled Passenger Policy

  • Citilink only allows a maximum of four quadriplegic or paraplegic passengers per flight with the following conditions:
    • Citilink cannot carry more than two quadriplegic passengers with per flight
    • Under certain circumstances, Citilink may require the passengers to travel with a companion or a paramedic.
  • Passengers with illnesses or specific medical conditions are required to produce a medical certificate at the check-in counter to confirm that they are fit to travel.
  • For the safety of other passengers, Citilink reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers suffering from any infectious, contagious, or chronic disease.
  • Citilink may refuse to carry passengers if they are not completely convinced that it is safe for the passengers to fly.
  • Passengers suffering from any illness, disease, or other condition which may make it unsafe for them or other passengers to fly must notify Citilink about their condition before making a booking.
  • Passengers requiring special assistance, incapacitated persons, and passengers with illnesses—including those that may require administering or carrying medication/syringe onboard—are required to notify Citilink at least 48 hours before departure. Failure to notify Citilink may result in the service being unavailable upon arrival at the airport and passengers may not be allowed onboard.
  • Passengers with specific requirements must check-in at the airport.

Citilink Check-in Time

Please find the check-in time for all Citilink flights on the table below. Check-in time may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline. Please check your e-ticket to ensure.

Flight Route

Recommended Check-in Time

Check-in Time Limit

All Routes

1 hour before departure

30 minutes before departure

Citilink Online Check-in

Online check-in is also available for Citilink flights. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Citilink web check-in page
  2. Enter your booking code, or other booking details, as instructed
  3. Complete your check-in details
  4. Save and/or print your boarding pass

Citilink Refund Policy

In general, refunds are permitted for personal reasons (self-cancellation, sickness, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), cancellation/rescheduling by the airline, force majeure, or double booking. However, different airlines have different policies regarding acceptable refund reasons. Please visit Citilink Refund Policy for a complete information on refund.

Citilink Reschedule Policy

You can easily change your flight schedule and itinerary using Easy Reschedule. Some airlines allow changes to date, time, route, and airline, while some only allow changes to date and time. Please refer to Citilink Reschedule Terms & Conditions to find the complete guide to rescheduling your flight. If your flight is not eligible for Easy Reschedule, please contact Citilink directly to reschedule.

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Contact Citilink

Citilink Office

Citilink Indonesia
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No.52 Jakarta Pusat 10720 Jakarta, Indonesia

Contact Citilink

Call Center 24 Hour:

Agent Support Citilink
(021) 2934 1014

Partner Operation
(021)2934 1000

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