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19 January 2022
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Asiana Airlines: An Introduction

Asiana Airlines is an airline based in Seoul, South Korea, as well as a member of the Star Alliance. Established in 1988, today Asiana Airlines operates its passenger flight service to 10 cities in Korea and 65 cities across 23 countries, with a well-developed Asian network that includes important cities in the People's Republic of China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Central Asia. Offering six types of flight services ranging from Economy Class to First Suite Class, Asiana Airlines has also been recognized as Best Airlines by Skytrax.

Asiana Airlines Seat Class

Economy Class

Economy Class passengers can enjoy an in-flight entertainment service during the flight, varying from a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. In addition, all Economy Class seats are equipped with an 110V power outlet so that passengers can use it to charge their electronic devices. Asiana Airlines also provides a communication service on selected flights. It allows passengers to make a call using a satellite phone, send a text, and email, for a charge of USD 1.33 to USD 2.

In-flight Meal

Passengers will be served with an award-winning in-flight meal service, with Korean dishes as its most highlighted menu. Fresh foods are also available on flights departing from China, Japan, and certain Asia countries.

Economy Smartium Class

As an upgraded version of its Economy Class, Asiana Airlines’ Economy Smartium Class provides enhanced comfort with 4 inches of extra legroom. Located right behind the Business Class cabin, Economy Smartium Class allows easy access when boarding. Passengers will also get a larger overhead cabin where they can easily store more bags and other carry-on items. In addition, each seat is also equipped with a power outlet and a USB port for passengers’ convenience.

In-flight Meal

One of the dishes served in the Economy Smartium Class is Yeongyang Ssambap, which features crisp and delicious vegetable wraps, an assortment of nuts, sauces, and other Korean authentic ingredients. Various Travel Meal options are also available to satisfy all kinds of cravings.

Business Class

Asiana Airlines offers a premium service for its Business Class passengers even before they arrive at the airport. Business Class passengers can enjoy a complimentary Chauffeur service and access to Asiana Airlines airport lounge. Meanwhile, inside the cabin, each Business Class seat can be reclined into a sleeping position, allowing passengers to have a nice and comfortable rest during the flight. Besides a more spacious legroom, all seats in Business Class is also designed to provide maximum privacy. In addition, Asiana Airline’s Business Class also offers a power supply system, in-flight entertainment, and paid service of a satellite phone, SMS, and email.

In-flight Meal

The meals served in Business Class varies from Korean food, Western cooking, as well as a great selection of drink including coffee, tea, and wine. The Western menus are directly served by La Cucina, one of the best Italian restaurants in Korea known for its authentic Italian tradition.

Business Smartium Class

With its staggered seat layout that offers direct aisle access from every seat, Business Smartium Class passengers can have an unobstructed movement around the cabin. The seats can also be reclined into an 180-degree fully flat bed, each equipped with an Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) system to provide a satisfying in-flight entertainment. Passengers can choose from a variety of movies, music, and games. In addition, the seat also features a personal power supply system for portable laptops and electronic devices so passengers can work during their flight without having their batteries run out.

In-flight Meal

Asiana Airlines offers a unique in-flight meal service, featuring both Korean and Western menus of the highest standards. Passengers will also be served with premium champagnes carefully selected by the world’s top sommeliers, as well as wines from France, America, and Germany.

First Class

Asiana Airlines’ First Class cabin offers 83-inch wide seats that can be reclined into a fully flat 180 degrees position. Throughout the flight, passengers are also entitled to various facilities such as power supply system, in-flight entertainment, automatic seat control system, as well as access to paid services of a satellite phone, SMS, and email. Passengers traveling in the First Class will also get a complimentary Chauffeur service, which would drive them to or from the airport, before departure or upon arrival. In addition, passengers will also gain access to Asiana Airlines airport lounge.

In-flight Meal

Asiana Airlines has teamed up with one of the best restaurants in South Korea to provide Korean Royal Court Cuisine for its First Class passengers. Using ingredients from the eight provinces in Korea, Asia Airlines ensure to serve its First Class passengers with the best traditional Korean cuisine.

First Suite Class

Each seat in the First Suite Class can be reclined into a 210-cm fully flat bed, equipped with the world’s largest 32-inch HD personal monitor. Passenger’s privacy will also be maximized with the two sliding door in each seat, the first of its kind offered by a Korean airline. Moreover, the seat is also completed with a personal mini bar where passengers can stock their favorite beverages. There is no doubt that passengers will experience the ultimate comfort, especially with the LCD Seat Function Control Unit which provides a one-touch-screen for the control over all functions of the seat.

In-flight Meal

Asiana Airlines has prepared chef-made in-flight meals for its First Suite Class passengers, each strictly selected with considerations of nutrition and flavor. In addition, wines are also available to complete the premium dining experience.

Asiana Airlines Privilege Programs

Asiana Club

To reward its loyal passengers, Asiana Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called Asiana Club. To obtain an Asiana Club membership, passengers just need to register themselves through Asiana Airlines website or complete the form available in Asiana Airlines branch offices. Members can start earning points or miles every time they fly with Asiana Airlines or other airlines partners within Star Alliance. Accumulated points can be redeemed for various benefits such as free flights with Asiana Airlines and its airline partners.

Asiana Lounge

Asiana Airlines provides airport lounges so its passengers can relax while waiting for their boarding time. From entertainment to culinary, this airport lounge will make sure that Asiana Airlines passengers will get a memorable journey experience even before they step into the aircraft. However, Asiana Airlines airport lounge is only available for its passengers traveling in Business Class or above. Passengers can also gain access to other airport lounges provided by other Star Alliance members, by redeeming their accumulated points or miles.

Asiana Airlines Fleet

Airbus A380-800

Seat class:

  • Economy
  • Business
  • First

Seat layout:

  • 3-4-3 (Economy)
  • 1-2-1 (Business)
  • 1-2-1 (First)

Seat pitch:

  • 32 inches (Economy)
  • 74.5 inches (Business)
  • 83 inches (First)

In-flight entertainment:



Not Available

Power/USB port:


Boeing 747-400

Seat class:

  • Economy
  • Business
  • First

Seat layout:

  • 3-4-3 (Economy)
  • 2-3-2 (Business)
  • 1-2-1 (First)

Seat pitch:

  • 33 inches (Economy)
  • 59 inches (Business)
  • 78 inches (First)

In-flight entertainment:



Not Available

Power/USB port:


Asiana Airlines In-flight Crew

Asiana Airlines’ flight attendant uniform creates a simple, yet elegant look. Consisting of three parts, the uniform features a gray blazer with the airline logo patched on its right side, three buttons, and two pockets on the below part of the blazer. Underneath the blazer, the flight attendant wears a brown turtleneck top with accents of blue, yellow, red, and white colors. Meanwhile, as the bottom part of the uniform, the flight attendant wears a skirt in similar brown color, paired with black high heels. To complete the look, the uniform also features a gray hat with the airline’s logo on one of its parts.

Asiana Airlines Passenger Policy

Infant Passenger Policy (0-2 Years Old)

  • Mothers traveling alone with infants will be provided the Happy Mom Service to ensure a comfortable trip for both the mother and baby, including priority boarding and check-in. These passengers will also get a complimentary 10 kg of extra baggage allowance and capacity for a stroller.
  • Infants less than one week old are not recommended to travel with Asiana Airlines. If the infant needs to travel, he/she must obtain a medical clearance in advance.
  • Asiana Airlines provides a special in-flight meal for infants, which must be ordered at least 24 hours before departure.

Child Passenger Policy (2-12 Years Old)

  • Asiana Airlines provides Unaccompanied Minors (UM) service for children traveling without a guardian, which is available for children between five and 11 years old (international flights) and children between five and 12 years old (Korean domestic flights).
  • To ensure the safety of the Unaccompanied Minors (UM), the service includes assistance and guidance during the flight, through immigration, baggage claim, until the handing over of the child to the guardian at the airport.
  • Passengers requiring the Unaccompanied Minors service are required to confirm with Asiana Airlines Reservation Center at least 24 hours before departure.
  • The UM service is free for Korean domestic flights, while a certain charge will be applied for international flights.
  • Air Asiana also provides a youth service, Young Passenger Traveling Alone (YPTA), for youths between 12-17 years old traveling alone without a guardian, for a fee of USD 150 per flight.

Pregnant Passenger Policy

  • Passengers with a pregnancy of 32 weeks are allowed onboard but need to submit a medical letter from a doctor, stating that the passenger condition is fit to travel.
  • Passengers with a pregnancy of 32-36 weeks are required to submit the original, as well as two copies, of a medical report or certificate. The medical certificate must be issued within seven days of departure.
  • Passengers with a single pregnancy beyond 36 weeks, or multiple pregnancies beyond 32 weeks, are required to submit the original, as well as two copies, of a medical report or certificate. The medical certificate must be issued within three days of departure.
  • Passengers with a single pregnancy beyond 36 weeks, or multiple pregnancies beyond 32 weeks, are required to fly with a companion.
  • Passengers within 14 days of their expected date of delivery may not be allowed onboard.
  • Pregnant passengers will get priority boarding and baggage handling upon arrival.

Disabled Passenger Policy

  • Asiana Airlines provides various services for passengers who cannot travel alone due to certain physical or health conditions, which includes passengers with a visual disability, hearing disability, and passengers who need a wheelchair.
  • Services for passengers with disabilities include guidance and assistance in the boarding process, immigration, and until the passenger meets with their family at the arrival gate.
  • Passengers limited mobility due to illness, injuries, or age will be given a wheelchair service, as well as assistance in the boarding process and other departure procedures.
  • All Asiana Airlines aircraft are equipped with wheelchairs.
  • Visually-impaired passengers are allowed to carry a service dog free of charge.

Asiana Airlines Check-in Time

Please find the check-in time for all Asiana Airlines flights on the table below. Check-in time may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline. Please check your e-ticket to ensure.

Flight Route

Recommended Check-in Time

Check-in Time Limit


1 hour before departure

20 minutes before departure


2 hours before departure

1 hour before departure

Asiana Airlines Online Check-in

Online check-in is also available for Asiana Airlines flights. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Asiana Airlines web check-in page
  2. Enter your booking code, or other booking details, as instructed
  3. Complete your check-in details
  4. Save and/or print your boarding pass

Asiana Airlines Refund Policy

In general, refunds are permitted for personal reasons (self-cancellation, sickness, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), cancellation/rescheduling by the airline, force majeure, or double booking. However, different airlines have different policies regarding acceptable refund reasons. Please visit Asiana Airlines Refund Policy for a complete information on refund.

Asiana Airlines Reschedule Policy

You can easily change your flight schedule and itinerary using Easy Reschedule. Some airlines allow changes to date, time, route, and airline, while some only allow changes to date and time. Please refer to Asiana Airlines Reschedule Terms & Conditions to find the complete guide to rescheduling your flight. If your flight is not eligible for Easy Reschedule, please contact Asiana Airlines directly to reschedule.

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