Kartu As Internet Package

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Kartu As Data Package

Product NamePrice
Kartu As Data - 25.000 270MB to 750MB data + 1GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 25.000
Kartu As Data - 50.000 800MB to 1.5GB data + 1GB midnight data bonus + 3GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 50.000
Kartu As Data - 100.000 2.5GB to 4.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 5GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 100.000
Kartu As Data - 150.000 4.5GB to 6.5GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info) Rp 150.000
Kartu As Data - 200.000 7GB to 9GB data + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus (based on zone info). Rp 200.000
Kartu As Data - 300.000 11GB to 14GB data (based on zone info) + 2GB 4G data bonus + 2GB midnight data bonus + 7GB VideoMax bonus. Rp 300.000

Kartu As Internet Packages

Kartu As is the prepaid economic sister company of Telkomsel, and has been around since 2004. It has become the go-to answer for people who want mobile operators with strong, far reaching signals without high costs. 

Kartu As internet packages are quite affordable, and able to provide satisfactory quota. You’re now able to buy the Kartu As internet package on Traveloka App. Purchasing is simple, with competitive costs, and a safe, but effective method of payment. 

How to Buy Cheap Kartu As Internet in Traveloka

As of now, you’re able to buy Kartu As internet packages via Traveloka, this is done through the latest version of the Traveloka App version 2.9.2 (available on Android and iOS). The ability to purchase credit now in your palms.  

To do this, access the Traveloka App. on your phone, find the menu “Top-up & Data Packages”. If you don’t already have the application, you can download it, direct and free, from  Play Store and App Store. Once the menu has been selected, fill in the form as directed; enter your card info and be sure to put the correct type of Kartu As Internet package that you wish to buy. 

With due time, the Kartu As data package purchase will be confirmed to you. Full payment methods available. Once payment is complete, your Kartu As data package will be activated a short while after.

The Various Kartu As Package Deals

At the moment, Traveloka provides Kartu As data packages in 3 main forms. These packages, while meeting a more simple specification, have quotas and bonuses which will undoubtedly meet your needs.  

Traveloka provides these simple Kartu As packages intentionally. Traveloka understands that choosing from a wide variety of packages, with all the complex rules and conditions, can be extremely confusing for anyone. 

Kartu As data packages offered through Traveloka are based on price. The active period is always 30 days. For the main quota specifications, it depends, typically, on the location of the user. The Kartu As data package details available in Traveloka are:

- Ace Data 25,000 = internet quota of 300 MB – 800 MB (according to the Telkomsel area zone info) + bonus 1 GB (4G).

- Ace Data 50,000 = internet quota 800 MB – 1.5 GB (according to the Telkomsel area zone info) + bonus 5 GB (4G) and 1 GB (MDS)

- Ace Data 100,000 = internet quota 2.5 GB – 4.5 GB (according to the Telkomsel area zone info) + bonus 10 GB (4G) * and 3 GB (MDS) **

*The 4G quota can only be used by a SIM card in LTE / 4G in the area of Telkomsel 4G network coverage. The 4G quota bonus is only available when purchased in cities of the Telkomsel 4G information network. 

** Bonus MDS (Mobile Data Service) is available with purchases, where the city is without a 4G network (except in Papua and Maluku). The bonus applies from 00:00 – 07:00 applicable to each separate time zone of the country. 

Internet quota and bonuses in each Simpati data package can change at any time, at the discretion of Telkomsel. 

Ways to Check the Remaining Quota with Kartu As

The more you check f the quota on your Kartu As internet package, will ensure that you do not run out at the wrong time. There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Access the menu *889#

Menu *889# is the most practical provider of internet Kartu As package quota information. Simply dial this number into your phone, and make a call from it. This will inform your provider that you want to know the quota balance. Within seconds, you’ll receive a pop up showing your quota.  

2. Access the menu *363#

There is also the *363# menu, which is equally as useful, but slightly less practical. Essentially there are more steps to follow. Dial *363# into your phone and you’ll promptly receive a pop up message which displays a menu. Enter the number 9 to select the “Check Status / Stop” option. Then enter the number 1, which will select “Check Status”. After this, you’ll receive a text message, which will contain your remaining Kartu As internet quota, from 3636. 

3. Send an SMS to 3636

As long as you still have enough credit to send an SMS, then you’ll always be able to use this. To send an SMS to check your credit, type UL (space) or FLASH INFO (space) INFO. Send either of these texts to 3636. You’ll receive a reply, later on, from the number with the required information. This method is more typical for Kartu As card users with Flash internet packages. 

4. Log in to MyTelkomsel

The final method is to log in to MyTelkomsel. Before this, you must ensure you are a member of MyTelkomsel. Just enter the number and Kartu As name that you registered with. Additionally, you can log in with Facebook, Twitter, or email. If you’re already a member, then you can access your information via the website or the MyTelkomsel website. MyTelkomsel will then display the full information relating to your quota, both main and bonus, with your internet packages. You can get the application from the Android Play Store or the App Store on iOS.