North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is one famous destination for its diving site in Bunaken Island. Even so, this province also has some more facilities that are suitable for solo travelers or family vacation, from natio...
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About North Sulawesi

With Manado as the capital city, North Sulawesi Province, are inhabited by most Minahasa tribes. Directly bordering the Philippines, the province which has 15 districts and cities is famous for Bunaken Island, which is the mainstay of the tour. The nautical charm and underwater panorama owned by this island are famous to various parts of the world. And Bunaken is certainly not the only tourist attraction in North Sulawesi that you can visit. With an area of more than 15,000 square kilometers, North Sulawesi is ready to welcome visitors with a variety of interesting places. They range from nature tourism, nautical, culinary to culture are available here. For those of you planning a vacation but are still confused about setting a destination, it never hurts to set North Sulawesi as a destination. This is your chance to witness the wealth owned by this Tinutuan country, firsthand.

Top Things to Do in North Sulawesi

With a variety of interesting places available, Sulawesi is ready to welcome your vacation this time. For those of you who are still confused about going anywhere, some of the following North Sulawesi tourist spots can be considered


As is often heard, the name Bunaken is indeed the most popular among other touristattractions in North Sulawesi. On the island which is also a national park, you can find many interesting things and activities. Located in the bay of Manado, the island with an area of approximately 8 square kilometers has an extraordinary underwater charm. Dozens of species of coral reefs and dozens of species of fish are ready to welcome you if you want to dive through one of the 20 dive spots available. You can also do paragliding to see the islands complete with blue sea from above. Around Bunaken, there is still Manado Tua with various tourist attractions that are equally-interesting such as mandolin (marine park with coral walls) to the ruins of German merchant ships which are under 23 meters below sea level. To make it easier for you to explore Bunaken, you can use tour services.

Siladen Island

Located not far from Bunaken Island, there is Siladen Island located to the east. By taking a speed boat from Manado, you will arrive in 30 minutes. The panorama of white sand with seawater on Siladen Island is home to many luxury resorts that are guaranteed to make your vacation even more memorable.

Manado Town Square

Even though Manado has a great panorama, it doesn't mean you can't find a modern shopping center here. Manado Town Square in the city center, precisely on Jalan Pierre Tendean is ready to welcome you with dozens of tenants both from home and abroad. A variety of culinary choices, to interesting activities in Funworld and Amazone are available to entertain you and your family.

Bukit Kasih Kanonang

By taking a 90-minute journey from the center of Manado City, you will find Bukit Kasih Kanonang which is said to be a symbol of religious harmony in North Sulawesi. The motto of the pride of the local community that sounds "Torang Samua Basudara" is clearly illustrated. This is where you can find people from various religions gather and worship in the houses of worship provided.

Linow Lake

The lake with 3 colors of water is located 30 kilometers away from the city of Manado. Once arriving, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the lake water and the surrounding scenery. The strong sulfuric odor is a sign that this lake was once the remnant of the eruption of Mount Mahawu hundreds of years ago. Because the place is still less popular, Lake Linow is suitable for you if you are looking for natural, soothing attractions and far from the city crowd.

Top Culinary in North Sulawesi

Who doesn't know the famous Manado tinutuan porridge? In addition to the porridge menu, which is better known as Manado porridge, North Sulawesi still has a variety of unique and legendary culinary delights. Some of them can be found in the following places

Jalan Wakeke

Jalan Wakeke is a road close to the heart of the city of Manado. Here is the best place where you can try tinutuan porridge menu and various other typical dishes of North Sulawesi. Dozens of restaurants ranging from open-in-the-garage to roadside tents, ready to welcome you. Other foods that you can taste on Wakeke Street include cakalang noodles, corn fritters and various types of complementary chili.

Soto Rusuk Ba Ko Petrus

For those of you looking for non-halal food in Manado, please come directly to Soto Rusuk Ba Ko Petrus. The restaurant, located on Jalan Laksda John Lie, serves a variety of menus with the main ingredients of pork. Because of the popularity of this place, many tourists call Soto Rusuk Ba Ko Petrus the best in Manado.


Going to Manado will not be complete if you don't taste a variety of seafood. At Colocojo, located at Jalan Pierre Tendean, Marina Plaza, you can find a variety of dishes made from fresh seafood. Complemented with special chili sauce, your dining tastes are guaranteed to be satisfied here. The menu that you must try is grilled fish Dabu-Dabu. No need to worry about the price, because it is quite affordable.

Where to Stay in North Sulawesi

When visiting North Sulawesi via air, you will land at Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado. Before continuing the journey to get around to various tourist attractions in the province, try to find an accommodation with the best service to stay. Please refer to the following recommendations

Four Points by Sheraton Manado

This modern and luxurious style hotel is located in the city center, precisely on Jalan Pierre Tendean, Sario, Manado. There are six choices of room types with various prices. Complete facilities and accessibility also make it easier for you to go to various attractions around. Just name Manado Town Square, Mega Mall to Malalayang Beach. From Sam Ratulangi International Airport, the hotel can be reached by a half-an-hour drive.

Whiz Prime Hotel Megamas Manado

The hotel is located in the Megamas Region, Manado. This hotel has prepared special rooms with the sea view. The hotel is also close to Mega Mall, Manado Town Square to Panorama Restaurant.

Hotel Sutan Raja Manado

With pocket-friendly prices, the hotel is located at Jalan Raya Manado, Watutumou II, North Minahasa offers comfortable and modern accommodation. Some of the attractions that you can visit around the hotel while staying include Rumah Alam Manado Adventure Park, Mega Mall, Manado Town Square and Malalayang Beach.

In addition to the 3 hotel recommendations already mentioned, this province still has many accommodation options that will accompany your exploration of tourist attractions in North Sulawesi. Find hotels with the best service and prices only at Traveloka.

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