South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi is a province in Eastern Indonesia with Makassar as its capital. Amongst any other region, this district is the most populated province with various tradition, rite, and ethnicities. Wh...
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About South Sulawesi

Headquartered in Makassar (formerly known as Ujung Pandang), South Sulawesi is a province located in the southernmost of the island of Sulawesi. Not only has rich culinary wealth, language and culture, the diverse tourist attractions in South Sulawesi is proof that this province has enormous potential. Local residents use various types of regional languages besides Indonesian. The Makassar language, for example, is widely spoken in Makassar, Gowa, Takalar, Jeneponto, and surrounding areas. There are still Bugis languages, Pattae, Konjo, Selayar, and Massenrempulu languages. With the diversity in it, South Sulawesi is always ready to welcome you for business or just pleasure. Interesting tourist attractions in South Sulawesiin the form of stunning natural panoramas, exotic cultures to contemporary South Sulawesi tours are waiting for your visit.

Top Things to Do in South Sulawesi

If you depart by air, you will land at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar. The access from the capital to various attractions in South Sulawesi is quite easy. If you don't know where to go while in the province, consider the following interesting destinations!

Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam

Visiting South Sulawesi is not complete if you don't stop by Losari. This beach is the most popular tourist attraction in the province and is always on the list of visits for any tourists coming by. Located in the west of the city of Makassar, this beach offers an amazing view, especially towards dusk. Don't forget to pose in front of the big writing "Losari Beach" while enjoying the delicious taste of pisang epe (banana epe), a special dish here. About a seven-minute-drive from the beach, you will see Fort Rotterdam. One of the historical tourist destinations in South Sulawesi is said to save the history of the glory of the colonial period. Originally built by the sultanate of Makassar, the fort which was once named Ujung Pandang had fallen into the hands of the Dutch. That's when the fort was renovated and made with Dutch-style architecture as it is now.

Samalona Island

Samalona Island, which has an incredible view, is 30 minutes away from Makassar. To get here, you can use a speed boat. A small island with white sand, turquoise clear water and trees covering it will satisfy your desire for a true marine tourism experience. You can also find lodgings in the form of houses on stilts and food stalls with fresh seafood dishes.

Bantimurung National Park

Located in Maros Regency, you can reach this park by traveling 45 kilometers from the city of Makassar. The park covering more than 43,000 hectares is known as the kingdom of butterflies. There are at least 250 species that live in this park, and one of them became the mascot of the Bantimurung National Park. In addition to butterflies, witness the beauty of limestone hills, caves, and waterfalls that are equally-amazing.


Not only the charm of marine tourism, but South Sulawesi also has a panoramic view of the mountains that is also equally amazing, called Malino. One of the villages that belongs to the administrative area of Gowa Regency presents a view of the plateau which looks fresh to the eyes. To reach this destination, from Makassar, you have to travel for approximately two hours. But not to worry, because for two hours you will see rows of pine trees and limestone along the road. In addition to the tea plantations and blue valleys, you can also visit one of the remnants of history here, a Japanese bunker.

Ke’te Kesu

One of the villages in Tana Toraja Regency is unique with the traditional buildings of South Sulawesi that stand proudly. In this place, you can find villages, a place for making carvings to graves. In addition to photo hunting, you can shop for souvenirs as well, because Ke'tte Kesu is very popular with the craftsmen's expertise in carving.

Top Culinary in South Sulawesi

When they hear about South Sulawesi or Makassar, many people immediately imagine the culinary wealth. This province is indeed famous for having a variety of special menus, some of which can even be easily found in various cities throughout Indonesia. And if you are already here, there is no harm in trying directly the typical food of South Sulawesi in the area of origin. Here are the recommendations for you.

Coto Paraikatte

If you go to Makassar, do try the original taste of the popular coto Makassar. Coto Paraikatte located at Jalan A.P Pettarani No. 125, Makassar is one of the most popular, especially among tourists. Founded in 1980, H. Nurdin Dg. this narang consistently serves coto with local meat and their special concoction of spices.

Aroma Luwu Restaurant

Aside from coto, South Sulawesi still has one more dish that is no less popular among locals. Kapurung is the name. This sago-based menu is originally from Luwu Regency. At first glance, kapurung will remind you of papeda, a traditional Papuan food that is also made of sago. You can taste the delicious kapurung by coming directly to the Aroma Luwu Restaurant located at Jalan Bear No. 63, the city of Makassar.

Nelayan Restaurant

With such great maritime potential, it's not complete without trying seafood while you are in South Sulawesi. Nelayan Restaurant, located at Jalan Ali Malaka No. 25, Maluku, is one of the most popular ones. There you can try various types of grilled fish with a delicious South Sulawesi specialty.

Where to Stay in South Sulawesi

With so much charm waiting, South Sulawesi will certainly not be completed in a day or two to be explored. You need a comfortable place to stay to make your trip more memorable. The following hotel recommendations are ready to host you during your vacation in the province

Horison Ultima Makassar

This modern style hotel is ready to welcome you with a variety of room choices with a view overlooking Losari Beach. Located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No. 24, Ujung Pandang, you can also easily reach various attractions around the hotel such as the Mandala Liberation Monument in West Irian, Losari Beach, to Trans Studio Makassar.

Swiss-Belhotel Makassar

Located at Jalan Ujung Pandang No. 8, a branch of this international scale hotel chain also offers comfortable lodging with some rooms facing the sea. From the hotel, you can visit a variety of nearby destinations, like La Galigo Museum, Losari Beach, and Panakkukang Mall.

Four Points by Sheraton Makassar

Still around the Losari Beach area, you can find the Four Points by Sheraton Makassar hotel. Being at Jalan Andi Djemma No. 130 ex. Jalan Landak Baru, Tamalate Makassar, this hotel provides 10 room choices. Its strategic location is also close to several attractions such as Living Plaza Pettarani, Panakkukang Mall, and Losari Beach.

To find other lodging options, you can do this through the Traveloka website or application. Find the best accommodations to support your trip exploring tourist attractions in South Sulawesi!

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