Jatim Park 3 Pass Package

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Jatim Park 3 Pass Package

8.6 / 10 Good
Batu, Malang
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Opening Hours (Local Time) : 11:00-20:00
( Last Redemption Time: 18:30 )
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Traveloka and partners are committed to comply with the hygiene and safety protocols to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Regular cleaning with disinfectant and use of hand sanitizers.

Mandatory temperature check and face masks for all staff and customers.

Physical distancing rules with venue capacity reduction, along with online booking and cashless payment system.

What Others Are Saying

It was really great moment. I am sure I will be back here someday soon.
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Remon S.
What a great experience! It's a wonderful place
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Nadhifa R.
Was a great trip with family. We do a tight health protocol. It wasn’t too crowded so we felt quite safe and enjoyed our time
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Mufti A.
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Captured Moments

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Experience a mind-blowing day at Jatim Park 3Take photos with wax figures of actors and personalities from across the globe at The Legend StarLearn about musical instruments and genres from all over the world at Museum Musik DuniaSee pre-historic creatures at the Dino Park and play entertaining multimedia games at Fun Tech Plaza
Good for: Entertainment

What You’ll Experience

Enjoy a fun-filled day with the family at Jatim Park 3, where endless fun activities await! Go back in time to the era of dinosaurs, strike a pose with your favorite celebrities, explore music history, and try exciting high-tech games — all in one place.

Join a timeless celebration with famous people from around the world at The Legend Star and meet football stars, singers, even presidents! After that, you can head to the Museum Musik Dunia where exploring music is easier than ever. Don't let the fun stop there — continue your day by going back to pre-historic times to meet extinct dinosaurs at the Dino Park. Then, end your journey with exciting games using the latest technology, including virtual reality, at Fun Tech Plaza. Sounds like a perfect family vacation, doesn't it?

Meet celebrities and public figures from all around the world at The Legend Star

Museum Musik Dunia presents the wonders of music, both local and international

Are you ready to enjoy interactive and high-tech games at Fun Tech Plaza?

A fun day awaits at Jatim Park 3, but first, you will have your temperature checked to ensure safety

Enjoy the rides with your friends, all while maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask


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Location Details

Jawa Timur Park 3, Jl. Ir. Soekarno No.112, Beji, Junrejo, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65236, Indonesia
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Getting There

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is available during park operational hours.

Shuttles are available in the main entrance area.

Dotto Train routes: 

Jatim Park 1 - Museum Angkut
Jatim Park 1 - Jatim Park 2 & Eco Green Park

Shuttle Car routes (from Jatim Park 3 Terminal):

Jatim Park 3 - Predator Fun Park - BNS - Jatim Park 2 & Eco Green Park
Jatim Park 3 - Jatim Park 1 & Museum Tubuh - Museum Angkut
By Bus
Take any bus headed to Batu Terminal and continue with a 15-minute walk to Jatim Park 2, then use the free shuttle service to Jatim Park 3.

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No Reservation Needed

You don’t need to make any reservation before visiting. However, you can find this partner’s contact details in your voucher or My Booking page

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*Terms & conditions may vary, depending on the voucher type you book.

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*Cancellation policy may vary, depending on the voucher type you book.

Additional Information
Visitors are advised to bring an umbrella or a raincoat because most of the park area is outdoor.
Each visitor entering Batu City on 24 – 26 December 2020 and 31 December 2020 – 2 January 2021 is required to show a negative PCR-based swab test result or a negative Rapid Antigen/Antibody test result that is valid for 7 days from its date of issuance.
Guided Tour
Meeting Point
By request
Guided tours are free of charge for a group of more than 30 participants. Please make a reservation to Jatim Park's marketing team at least 1 week upon arrival.
East Java
Jatim Park 3 Pass Package

More about Jatim Park 3 Pass Package

Get a Peek of East Java Park 3 Tourism Destinations Excitement in Batu City, Malang

From all theme parks in Java, Jatim Park 3 is a destination that you should not miss.

This integrated amusement park in the center of Batu City, Malang offers a variety of exciting attractions that can be enjoyed by all age segments. As we know, finding a destination for your family vacation that is suitable for all ages is not an easy matter. Exciting holiday destinations for adults are often less attractive to children, and vice versa. Fortunately, Jatim Park 3, a tourism park that can accommodate the needs of children and adults visitors is here. Not only fun, in this thematic theme park, you can also find a wide selection of exciting games to try. Some of them even contain elements of cultural education which are very good for your child. Here are some best parks in Jatim Park 3 that you can try:

Enjoy Eternal Winter Charm at Ice Age Park

The ice age is a time when the earth is covered with a thick layer of ice due to the drastic low temperatures. At that time, a number of unique organisms went extinct, such as mamoths and giant lemurs. Now, you can see the unique ecosystem from the ice age in the Ice Age park in Jatim Park 3. This location was designed as a "miniature" ice age that occurred more than 100,000 years ago. Uniquely, you don't need to wear a super thick jacket when visiting. Because even though it carries the "ice age" theme, this park is not made from real ice.

Dino Park: Family Friendly Prehistoric Attraction

Just like the Ice Age, Dino Park is also a thematic park that carries the concept of prehistoric times. In this place, you can find various types of dinosaurs from various eras. All dinosaur replicas on display are made on a scale that resembles the original. So, for those of you who have children with an interest in prehistoric animals, this place is a very impressive amusement park. In addition to the dinosaur replicas, you will also find 5-era cruises in the form of a tourist train. This vehicle will take you around a variety of interesting prehistoric eras.

Not only that, you can also listen to various imagined dinosaur sounds in this park, you and your child. It’s the letter entertained!

Photo Hunt with World Leaders at Legend Star

Hunting cool photos with a number of top figures and world celebrities is now not just a dream. To meet them, you can visit the Legend Star area In Jatim Park 3. Yes, in this location you can find a variety of the world figures and celebrities’ replicas and wax sculptures, ranging from Prince William, Cristiano Ronaldo, to Le Bron James, the top basketball player from the United States. Just so you know, the quality of the wax statue here is on par to the one on Madame Tussauds museum!

Learning while Playing in Fun Tech Plaza

For those of you who have children with high interest in science, Fun Tech Plaza is a playing area in Jatim Park 3 that you can't miss. In this area, you will not only find things related to science as an exact theory, but you can also see practical science up close, for example through artificial rain areas equipped with motion sensors. This park will allow you to walk in the rain without getting wet for even a bit!

Are You a Musical Fanatic? Don't Forget to Visit the World Music Gallery!

For musical fans, the World Music Gallery in the Jatim Park 3 area is a must-visit park. At this location, you can find various musical instruments arranged in such a way to display the artistic impression. You can also find a variety of unique instruments from all over the world, as well as stage replicas and world musicians, such as The Beatles. The cool thing is, this gallery also features works from three Indonesian music icons; the band Koes Plus, Gesang, and Dara Puspita.

Jatim Park 3 Entrance Ticket Price

Entrance ticket prices for Jatim Park 3 are varying. It is important to remember that you need to pay an entrance fee for each area you visit. To be more efficient, look for Jatim Park 3 promotion through the Traveloka website and application. Besides offering lower prices, you can also search for hotels and travel tickets to Batu City, Malang.

Here are the entrance ticket prices to the parks above:

● Ice Age: Rp75.000/person (weekdays) - Rp100.000/person (weekends)

● Dino Park: Rp75.000/person (weekdays) - Rp100.000/person (weekends)

● Legend Star: Rp75.000/person (weekdays) - Rp100.000/person (weekends)

● Fun Tech Plaza: Rp30.000/person (weekdays) - Rp40.000/person (weekends)

● World Music Gallery: Rp37.000/person (weekdays) - Rp50.000/person (weekends)

That is information about Jatim Park 3 in Batu City, Malang. Hopefully it helps!

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