Connected to most places in Bali by excellent transport links, Sanur is a perfect place for you to relieve the stress and relax. Not only for you, this city is also a family-friendly destination as it...
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More about Sanur

More about Sanur

About Sanur

Sanur is known for its sloping white sand beach tourism. Also, it is the best place in Bali to witness sunrise and sunset. The waves in Sanur beach are not too strong, so it is safe to swim here. The name of this beach has a long historical record. Initially, the name ‘Sanur’ was found in the Belanjong Inscription in 903. It came from two words, "sa" and "nur". When combined, Sanur means mystical light that falls somewhere. In the past, Sanur became the landing place for Dutch troops. The troops wanted to attack the Kingdom of Badung which later became the forerunner to the Badung Puputan war. Sanur was once a sacred area, and only certain people could enter this area. Over time, international visitors consider Sanur as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Bali because the places in Sanur provide new experiences, unique panoramas, and pleasant holiday activities for them. Moreover, they are also interested in the temples along Sanur Beach like Sanur Segara Temple and Mertasari Temple. To reach Sanur, you can use shuttle travel from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Usually, shuttle travel rates are based on the vehicle’s type. For example, if you choose an Avanza with a maximum of 5 people boarded, the fare will be around Rp250,000 per car. To be more practical, you can use an online taxi, motorcycle taxi, or rent a car.

Top Things to do in Sanur

If you plan on travelling to Sanur, here are some interesting places we recommend

Dream Island

Established in 2016, Dream Island offers interesting attractions along Mertasari Beach. This location can be reached by driving about 9 minutes from Sanur Beach. Later, you need to cross the wooden bridge in Mertasari Beach. Then, go through a winding path surrounded by trees. When you arrive at Dream Island, calm sea and the mixture of white and light brown sand will welcome you. This place looks beautiful, and you wouldn’t find plastic waste here. Along the beach, there are lounge chairs with colourful soft pillows. Around the seashore, you will find Dream Island’s iconic swing. There are a variety of interesting attractions here. They provide playgrounds for children, mini futsal, and bicycles. You can also rent a camel for Rp50.000 and ride it to go along the beach.

Orchid Garden

Do you like orchids? Orchid Garden is the right place to enjoy the beauty of this flower. Here, there are various types of colourful orchids. Interestingly, these orchids bloom throughout the year. One of the most visited areas in Orchid Garden is the shade house. The shape of this building is adopted from traditional Balinese architecture with a dome roof. This shade house is used to store plants that cannot stand direct sunlight. Besides the shade house, Orchid Garden provides a hall, resting area, veranda and cafe. If you want to buy souvenirs, Orchid Garden has a special store. You can get a variety of souvenirs at this place, for example, orchid petal’s brooches, and perfume made from the distillation of orchids.

Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur Museum is the best place in Sanur to enjoy the paintings by Andrien Jean Le Mayeur De Merpres. This museum is located on the east side of Sanur beach on the end of Hangtuah Street, Sanur. Le Mayeur Museum was once the residence of Andrien Jean Le Mayeur De Merpres and his wife, and he also made his paintings here. The subject of Andrien Jean Le Mayeur De Merpres’s paintings is impressionist, culture, beautiful natural scenery, and several controversial themes with Ni Polok - his wife, as the model. In total, there are 88 paintings in the Le Mayeur Museum. The paintings were painted on canvas, hardboard, bagor, plywood, and paper.

Kevala Ceramic

Kevala Ceramics provides a variety of ceramic handicrafts that can be used as souvenirs. The types of crafts include dining, spa and bathroom equipment. There are also items to decorate residential interiors such as vases and candleholders. Also, Kevala Ceramics offers a diverse collection of glazes coloured ceramics. There are various sizes, textures, and weights based on market needs. Uniquely, the ceramics from Kevala are more durable and look attractive.

Nusa Lembongan

Across the Sanur Beach, there is Nusa Lembongan. This island is about 2 km from Nusa Ceningan. To get there, you have to ride a fast boat, public speed boat, or a traditional boat. If you want to feel the luxury of the ship, you can ride the cruiser. Nusa Lembongan consists of two regions, Jungubatu Village and Lembongan Village. There are several interesting places in Lembongan Village. You can find natural caves, sea cliffs, swamps, underground houses, and Buanyaran Art Shop Center.

Top Culinary in Sanur

Sanur cuisines are known for their delicacy. Here are some culinary you must try when visiting Sanur

Bali Made Weti Rice

Bali Made Weti rice is a well-known cuisine in Segara Ayu Beach, Sanur. The rice is served with savoury yellow boiled gravy. The typical side dishes are long beans vegetable salad, papaya leaves, and bean sprouts. Shredded fried chicken skins are sprinkled on top of the side dishes, and this is the special characteristic of Bali Made Weti Rice.

Warung Mak Beng’s Fish Soup

Warung Mak Beng’s fish soup was introduced in 1941. The fresh fish delicacy with a dense texture and fishy-free smell makes people still come to buy and taste this dish even though around 78 years have passed.

Lawar Kodi Rice

Have you ever tasted lawar rice? Lawar rice is a dish that originated in Bali. It is made from a mixture of vegetables, coconut, and minced meat combined with spices and herbs. If you want to try one, you must visit this Lawar Kodi rice stall located in a narrow alley in Sanur. The stall offers two types of lawar rice; mixed lawar and regular lawar. The former is served with a mixture of chicken meat and pork while the latter only uses chicken meat.

Kopi Bali House

Coffee connoisseurs must visit Kopi Bali House. It located in the Grand Niaga Shopping Mall, Sanur. This place offers a cosy-comfy café. Besides, it provides various types of coffee. For example, espresso coffee, frozen mochaccino, and ice jingle coffee.

Where to Stay in Sanur

Sanur has many accommodation options. Here are some recommended places to stay in Sanur

Taman Sari Hotel Sanur

Taman Sari Hotel is a 1-star hotel located at 31 Danau Buyan Street, Sanur. There are two types of rooms in this accommodation, Normal Room and VIP Room. Rates per night are starting at Rp188.000.

Inna Bali Beach Garden

Inna Bali Beach Garden is only a few meters from the beach, the precise address is on Hang Tuah Street, Sanur. The accommodation offers a swimming pool, restaurant, and sea view rooms.

The Griya Hotel Sanur

Located on the strategic Bypass Ngurah Rai Street, The Griya Hotel Sanur is suitable as accommodation during vacation or business trip. This hotel provides complete and luxurious facilities at an affordable price. Clean and comfortable rooms and is near to tourist attractions in Sanur.

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