For those who love snorkeling or diving, Manado should sounds familiar. This capital city of North Sulawesi is well-known for its famous Bunaken Island where tourists can see and enjoy its diverse mar...
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More about Manado

About Manado

Manado is the second-largest city in Sulawesi and the capital of North Sulawesi Province and. Located on the Bay of Manado, it has beautiful panorama, surrounded by mountains. Despite the dominations of natural tourist attractions in Manado, this city also offers other attractions, ranging from historic, romantic, instagramable, to culinary tourism. Manado consists of 11 districts and 87 villages. Due to its location on the northern tip of Sulawesi, Manado has tropical climates, with temperatures ranging from 24-27 °C. Hilly areas dominate most of the Manado area; a small part of it is lowland. According to historical records, Manado is an area called Wanuwenang, founded by Dotu Lolong Lasut "Ruru Ares" around the 12th century. The name Manado only began to use in the 17th century. Manado comes from the word "Manarou" or "Manadou" which means far in the Minahasa language. In short, Manado means “a distant place”. Manado was known as a city when Spain built a fortress in Minahasa land around 1623. In 1954, Manado officially became an autonomous region. After that, Manado became a municipality in 1965 and a city in 1999. Now, Manado City is overgrowing. Not only offers many fascinating places, but Manado has complete facilities. That’s why this city is very suitable as a vacation destination.

Top Things to Do in Manado

Interested in spending a vacation in Manado? There are some exciting places to visit. Here are some tourist destination recommendations.

Taman Laut Bunaken (Bunaken Marine Park)

Taman Laut Bunaken is iconic tourism of Manado City. This marine park offers impressive views which leave you spellbound. As the UNESCO world heritage site, it is the home to marine biotas, such as coral reefs, seaweed, and various types of fish. If you like diving, you can choose one of thirty diving spots with different depths here. Meanwhile, if you love exploring under the sea, there are available submarine tours equipped with transparent glass. Even though you can come here at any time, the best time to visit is between March and August.

Lake Tondano

Besides Taman Laut Bunaken, Lake Tondano is a popular tourist attraction in Manado. The view is exquisite. No wonder this place is always full of tourists, both local and foreign. The lake was formed by volcanic activity, similar to Lake Toba in North Sumatra. As far as the eyes can see, shady trees will make you feel relax. The atmosphere is quiet; the air is fresh and clean. Very refreshing, a perfect place to enjoy solitude. In the middle of Lake Tondano, there is a small island. Three mountains flank the 4,000-hectare lake; those are Mount Masarang, Mount Kaweng, and Mount Tampusu. To explore Lake Tondano, you can rent a motorboat which can accommodate up to ten people.

Taman Bunga Tomohon (Tomohon Flower Garden)

Not many people know that Manado has a beautiful and nice flower garden. Its beauty is as good as flower gardens in other big cities. Taman Bunga Tomohon is about 63-minute drive from Manado. You can enjoy the beauty of various colourful flower types in this garden. You can also take pictures in some instagramable spots or pose with Mount Lokon in the background. It is strongly recommended to visit between June and August. That said, it is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the flowers. Besides, there are many festivals, art shows, and flower parades that are quite interesting to watch too.

Malalayang Beach

Malalayang Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in Manado City. It is located not far from the downtown, only about a 27-minute drive. You can enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere while listening to the waves. Malalayang Beach is suitable for water activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, diving, and playing water. There are places to rent diving equipment around the beach at affordable prices. Despite the black sand, Malalayang Beach offers an exquisite sunset view. While waiting for the moment when the sun sets, you can enjoy various seafood dishes. Not far from the beach, there are some seafood stalls to visit.

Museum Negeri Sulawesi Utara (North Sulawesi State Museum)

Want to learn the history of Manado? Just visit Museum Negeri Sulawesi Utara. You will find more than three thousand impressive collections in this museum, such as historical records, traditional miniature houses, traditional clothing, household appliances, traditional musical instruments, sculptures, and historical dioramas. You also have chances to get to know more about Minahasa culture, including the history and interesting things related to North Sulawesi.

Top Culinary in Manado

Exploring the beauty of Mando will be incomplete if you haven’t taste Manado specialities dishes. There are a lot of culinary you can try, as follows

Bubur Tinutuan (Manadonese Porridge)

Bubur tinutuan is a typical Manado porridge which is rich in vitamins. Different from porridge in general, you will find spinach, water spinach, corn, and red yam in tinutuan. This porridge is usually served with salted fish and Manado sambal.

Nasi Kuning Saroja (Saroja Yellow Rice)

When you visit Manado, don’t forget to try Manado's typical yellow rice, served with shredded skipjack tuna, meat stews, sweet potato chips, corn fritters, and fried sambal. It tastes delicious and filling.


Paniki is a typical Manado dishes made from fruit-eating bat meat. Paniki is cooked using a mixture of herbs and coconut milk or stir-fried using chilli and herbs. Its meat has a black colour with a tough texture.

Where to Stay in Manado

To make your vacation will run smoothly, it is better to prepare accommodation in advance. Worry no more, there are many lodgings in Manado to choose, including

Whiz Prime Hotel Megamas Manado

Whiz Prime Hotel Megamas Manado is in Megamas area, Piere Tendean Boulevard Street, Sario, Manado, North Sulawesi. This three-star hotel has complete facilities and is close to Malalayang Beach and Manado Town Square.

Aryaduta Manado

Aryaduta Manado is a four-star hotel located on Jalan Piere Tendean, Boulevard, Wenang, Manado, North Sulawesi. This hotel has beautiful interior design. Supported by facilities and professional services, Aryaduta Manado provides a pleasant stay. This property is close to Malalayang Beach.

Genio Hotel Manado

Genio Hotel Manado is located on Jalan Sugiono No. 21, Wanang, Manado, North Sulawesi. This three-star property offers clean rooms with complete facilities. Moreover, Genio Hotel Manado is close to Mega Mall shopping centre and Malalayang Beach.

To get the best budget-friendly lodging close to tourist attractions in Manado, don't hesitate to visit the website or use the Traveloka App!

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