Depok in one of the city that is also part of JABODETABEK area. This megapolitan city used to be the location of the first Protestant Christian Organization during Dutch colonial. Nowadays, Depok is m...
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About Depok

Depok is a city in West Java Province, located between Jakarta and Bogor. Before becoming an administrative city in 1982, Depok was recorded as a sub-district in Bogor Regency. Currently, Depok consists of 11 districts and 63 villages. Many interesting tourist attractions in Depok have become popular among tourists as well. Geographically, Depok is directly adjacent to Ciputat District and Jakarta City to the north, Pondokgede District and Gunung Putri District to the east, Cibinong District and Bojonggede District to the south, and Parung District and Gunungsindur District to the west. According to historical records, the Depok area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. This fact is evidenced by the discovery of the punden berundak (stepped terraces) "Sumur Bandung,” stone chisels, menhir "Gagang Golok,” and square axes. During the Pajajaran Kingdom era, this site used to be called “Deprok,” which means “to sit relaxed.” This naming cannot be separated from King Siliwangi's trip to Beji, one of the current sub-districts in Depok. The Dutch colonial era also influenced the history of Depok's naming. A VOC official named Cornelis Chastelein once said to have bought and cultivated this area into a plantation. He was also an active missionary and later established a local congregation called DEPOC (De Eerste Protestante Organisatie van Christenen) or the First Protestant Christian Organization. Now, Depok is increasingly developing into a modern city that offers easy access, attractive tourist attractions, and delicious culinary delights. If you want a memorable vacation, then Depok deserves to be on your destination list.

Top Things to Do in Depok

Like the other cities in West Java, Depok has some interesting places you can visit during the holidays. The recommended tourist attractions in Depok are as follows

Green Lake View Waterpark

If you like water activities, you must visit the Green Lake View Waterpark. This destination has three types of pools, namely children's pool, adult pool, and water boom. Equipped with many qualified facilities, Green Lake View Waterpark is always crowded with tourists, especially on weekends and long holidays.

Taman Wisata Pasir Putih

Taman Wisata Pasir Putih offers a variety of water games for adults and children. This tourist destination is supported with facilities that complement the comfort of visitors, such as fishing, bungalows, flying fox, ATV, and playground.

Fantasy Waterpark

Fantasy Waterpark is the best tourist attraction in Depok among families. This destination carries a unique concept of the Land of 1001 Nights, which is identical to the story of Aladdin. This concept will be suitable for children who like fairy tales. There are several exciting rides you should try, such as Waterplay, Giant Slide, and Kiddy Park. For the convenience of visitors, this site is equipped with a gazebo, food court, and a free entertainment stage.

Taman Rekreasi Wiladatika (Wiladatika Flower Garden)

Established since 1980, this place offers calm and beautiful panoramas. As far as the eye can see, there are expanses of breathtaking green grass, shady trees, colorful flowers, and fountains.

D'Kandang Amazing Farm

Different from farms in general, this tourist destination is uniquely designed to look much more attractive. D'Kandang Amazing Farm offers some exciting activities to do with your children, such as meeting the cows, horses, and goats, or learning to grow crops properly.

Situ Pengasinan Depok

Situ Pengasinan (Lake Pengasinan) offers natural beauty and tranquility for your relaxation. In this place, you can do a variety of fun activities, such as having picnics under the trees, fishing, doing flying fox, or touring the lake on a duck boat.

Cagar Alam Kota Depok (Depok Nature Reserve)

Cagar Alam Kota Depok is a historic nature reserve in West Java founded in the 17th century. At that time, Depok was still an uninhabited land full of forests. To minimize loss of the forestry area, the Dutch government designated it as protected forest. In the past, hundreds of shady and towering green trees filled Cagar Alam Kota Depok. This area was also known as a habitat for various species of birds, wild animals, and thousands of herbal plants. Due to the increasing population, however, now this nature reserve area is progressively narrowing as well. Even so, many animals and birds still inhabit this place, and you can still enjoy the soothing green atmosphere.

Top Culinary in Depok

Vacation in Depok isn’t complete before tasting its delicious, unique dishes. With tons of culinary options, there are several culinary recommendations you shouldn't miss when you’re in town

Star Fruit Dodol

Different from dodol (a sticky treat with sugar palm-based sweet flavor) in general, the Dodol Depok has a more distinctive taste. It's sweet and a little sour since it’s also made from fresh star fruit. Not only does it taste delicious, but dodol is also useful for digestion and can prevent high cholesterol.

Bebek Tiktok Van Depok

Another food you can try is the unique Bebek Tiktok Van Depok since it uses ducks crossed between itik (ducks) and entok (Muscovy ducks). Hence creating the abbreviation of tiktok, this type of duck produces more tender and savory meat that doesn’t smell fishy. There are many duck menus to choose from, such as fried duck, saher (abbreviation from the word sayap (wing) and leher (neck)) soup, and roast duck.

Temma Biscuits

Temma Biscuits are unique souvenirs from Depok made from soy flour and dates. These protein-rich biscuits can be consumed every day deliciously to get its abundant benefits that are good for health.

Where to Stay in Depok

For a smooth vacation, you can book accommodation in advance. There are several recommendations for the best hotels in Depok below

The Margo Hotel

The hotel is located at Jalan Margonda Raya Number 358, Depok, West Java. Strategically located in an easy-to-reach area, this four-star accommodation is quite close to the Depok Town Square shopping center, ITC Depok, and Margo City Mall.

Savero Hotel Depok

Savero Hotel Depok is the right choice for those who want to stay with friendly service and complete facilities. This accommodation is quite close to the ITC Depok shopping center, Depok Town Square and Margo City Mall. You can find this three-star hotel on Jalan Margonda Raya Number 230A, Margonda, Depok, West Java.

Favehotel Margonda

Favehotel Margonda is the best accommodation that provides easy access and comfort during your stay. Located at Jalan Margonda Raya Number 166 RT 03 RW 08, Margonda, Depok, West Java, this place is close to the Margo City Mall shopping center, ITC Depok, and Depok Town Square.

Are you looking for other options? You can use the Traveloka app to find the best accommodation near tourist attractions in Depok easily.

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