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Massages & Spas in Bandung

About Bandung

Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, has every leisure and entertainment form you can think of. The city offers natural excursions, family trips, city tours, historical sites, shopping treats, and massage and spa. They give enough options for all types of travelers. Even backpackers can find affordable massage and spa in Bandung for the ultimate relaxation after exploring the city. Bandung was known as Paris van Java among Dutch colonial settlers, a moniker that has existed since the 19th century. Bandung also witnessed various historical events related to Indonesia’s struggle for independence. European-style buildings from the colonial era still exist, many were converted into government and public buildings, such as Gedung Sate, Gedung Merdeka, and Bandung Geology Museum. The architectures make them must-see landmarks during a city tour. Bandung also has several parks that double as the green spaces. You can also access iconic natural destinations, such as Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih (White Crater), and Situ (Lake) Patenggang. Lembang Street is a popular walking tour in Bandung for sightseeing, shopping, and eating. Bandung offers numerous activities and destinations that you cannot explore in just one day. When you feel tired, don’t forget to check out massage and spa establishments in the city. Let professional therapists relax your mind and body, so you are ready to continue the adventure and experience an unforgettable trip.

Bandung Spa Review

As a metropolitan city, Bandung offers numerous spa and massage establishments. They have various themes and concepts, and they offer diverse price ranges. You can find spa places with Balinese, Chinese, Japanese, and Javanese styles. Some spa places are family-friendly, while others provide couple packages. Most spa places in Bandung offer common treatments such as

Traditional Massage

Traditional massage is the most popular service in Bandung spa establishments. It involves a gentle full body massage with aromatherapy oil. You can choose the type of oil to enjoy different effects, from relaxing to invigorating. Body scrub and mask may follow this treatment, depending on the package details.


Reflexology roots from Ancient Chinese tradition, and it puts pressure on specific points on your hands and feet. These points are believed to connect with various bodily organs and functions.

Maternity Massage

Maternity massage has been popular in Bandung for some time. Several establishments advertise their places as providers of maternity massage with professional therapists. This massage is available for pregnant women and mothers with babies. Therapists will use specific techniques to make their clients and the children feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Traveloka offers vouchers for various spa packages in Bandung. The vouchers are available for all budgets. Choose the best package for you to find the most suitable treatments for your need.


Here are several spa options in Bandung you need to try

Annaya Family Spa & Reflexology

Annaya Family Spa & Reflexology is situated in Cibaduyut, a famous retail shopping area. The spa’s family-friendly concept allows you and family members to take much needed rest after exploring Bandung. Balinese Boreh Body Massage is one of the most popular packages, using traditional Balinese scrub ingredients to clean the skin and warm the body. Other popular options are Thai Massage, Foot Bath, Refreshing Full Body Massage, and Natural Spa Package. You can book Annaya Family Spa & Reflexology packages from Traveloka. The packages are available with price ranges from Rp132.000 to Rp185.000.

Mom N Jo

Mom N Jo is a spa establishment specializes in maternity treatment. The services are available for pregnant women, mothers, and babies. Your little ones can receive comforting massages by trained therapists and experience exciting chocolate bath. Package such as Jump Start Baby helps babies to develop their sensory and motoric skills through special massages. Mom N Jo also offers pregnancy and postnatal treatments, which improve the blood circulation and relax the muscles. Full-body treatments like True Aroma Regular Massage and Body Scrub are available for general adult customers. Treatment packages at Mom N Jo are available with price ranges from Rp161.000 to Rp552.000.

Kakiku Reflexology

Kakiku Reflexology Bandung has two branches in Astana Anyar and Pasir Kaliki. Both are popular areas for Bandung travelers, so you can find the spa establishments easily. The price range is quite affordable, with various treatments from massage to reflexology. A full-body traditional massage is the right option to indulge yourself. Foot Reflexology and Back & Head Massage are favorite packages for reducing tiredness. A 120-minute Full Body Tuina uses Chinese muscle manipulation therapy to rejuvenate your muscles. You can book Kakiku Reflexology packages in Traveloka with price ranges from Rp88.000 to Rp130.000.

Zen Spa

Zen Spa has three outlets in strategic areas: Pasteur, Sukajadi, and Sumur Bandung. The establishment offers a relaxing family spa concept, giving you much-need relaxation after exploring Bandung. All the treatments use natural ingredients, with trained professional therapists. Indulgence Foot Relaxing and Foot Yoga Reflexology are great to eliminate tiredness. Secluded Relaxation Massage calms your mind and body, while Hot Stone Massage rejuvenates you. Simple Back and Shoulder Massage package is enough to refresh you during a city trip. The price ranges from Rp67.500 to Rp238.500.

Everyday Spa

Everyday Spa has two branches at Riau Street and Naripan Street. Both offer Balinese traditional massage with full-body treatment and natural products. The interior has Balinese traditional decorations, adding the authentic atmosphere that suits the massage. You can book exclusive treatment packages such as Uluwatu Package, Heritage Dreamland Spa, Amazing Balinese Spa, and Layon Sari Spa. The price ranges from Rp276.000 to Rp322.000.

Meiso Reflexology Cihampelas Walk

Meiso Reflexology is situated at Cihampelas Walk, making it convenient for travelers who need a quick rejuvenating treatment when shopping. Meiso focuses on foot reflexology therapy, putting pressures on specific spots under your feet. Each spot corresponds to specific organ and bodily function, relieving pressure and improving circulation. You can choose treatments based on duration. Meiso Reflexology offers 60, 90, and 120 minutes of duration. The price ranges from Rp93.500 to Rp205.700.

Bandung offers great travel destinations that require much energy to explore. Massage and spa in Bandung will invigorate and refresh you after having a full-day adventure in the city.